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Calgary Is Now Canada's Detroit, And It's Only Going To Get Worse

1. Socialism

An old and famous nexus of North American enterprise is being demolished into a heap of rubble as progressive policy demands tearing down the old to make way for the modern. The scourge of socialism is afflicting Calgary, and as it tries to ride out the storm of ideological war, the bombardment will only increase in intensity and severity.

And it’s getting worse.

2. Election

I say so because Jyoti Gondek was recently a short aside, was that election legitimate? I can’t say either way because I have no conclusive evidence, but what I do know is that there were five, random, major, ballot dumps throughout the night, and these were the results:*

29% reporting: Gondek 45%

47% reporting: Gondek 45%

77% reporting: Gondek 45%

86% reporting: Gondek 45%

96% reporting: Gondek 45%

There was no variation. Not even 1%! I’m not sure what the probability is that each ballot dump displays exactly the same voting preferences as the one before and after it is, especially in a city with such rich diversity as Calgary, but I imagine it’s something to be investigated. Oh, and take a look at the like-to-dislike ratio on Gondek's Youtube interview:**

Nonetheless, our friends in the foothills know what’s coming—high taxes, corporate welfare, socialist policy, rule by the unions, and a dedicated fight against climate change.

3. Climate Change

"Fighting climate change" concerns us because leftists harness it (strategically) to justify their terrible policies.

Isn’t it a peculiar coincidence that all of the defences against radical climate change are radically left? Must we impose evermore socialist policies—high taxes, a cap on carbon usage, lockdowns—to “fight” climate change (why are we fighting what’s inevitable?). Don’t we think it’s suspect that every policy passed in the unholy halls of city council is justified by “combating” climate change?

Of course, it’s clear the radical creates a false crisis that he must defend against in order to validate his rule. There is nothing virtuous about it. There is nothing acceptable or moral or just in deceiving the population to impose a doctrine that can’t stand on its own.

As these policies are implemented, Calgary (and other cities across Alberta) will look more and more like Detroit. The once industrious city in the south is being knocked to its knees by the empress of socialism. Those with precognition are already fleeing (primarily to America) as the once-great prince of the province, now seriously wounded, is slowly being bled out to die.

*Watch here:

** Watch here:

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