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Are "Spiritual" People Saved?

I often hear people say, “I’m not Christian; I’m spiritual.

When I hear that, I immediately think, “Well, yes, of course you’re spiritual. You’re a human being, after all.”

“I’m a spiritual person” is nothing more than a tautology. It's the same thing as saying, "I'm a person." There’s nothing revelatory or profound about it. You might as well say, “the blue sky is blue,” or, “This cinnamon bun has cinnamon in it.”

If the blue sky wasn’t blue, it wouldn’t be the blue sky; if the cinnamon bun didn’t have cinnamon in it, it wouldn’t be a cinnamon bun.

If a human being doesn’t possess a spirit, then it wouldn’t be a human being. Instead, it would be a mere creature.

Part of what separates man from animal is that man has the spirit of God within him, and animal doesn’t. Our humanity comes from the fact that something greater than humanity breathed a special breath of supernatural spirit into our lungs.

But the question each person has to ask isn’t whether or not the spirit of God lives in them; it’s whether or not they live in the spirit of God?

The spirit of God lives in all of us, insofar as we are made in His image. For this reason, the servant scrubbing bathrooms is as infinitely valuable as the King eating truffles on this throne.

But mankind’s departed from the God who gave us our life.

Sin comes through a man. We transgress against the Lord because Adam transgressed against the Lord, for as in Adam, all die. Humanity’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden flooded our species with death and deportation from our Father above. Our sin is unholy imperfection, and God, being a Holy being of absolute perfection, cannot exist congruently with it.

There are many who believe the cure to this supernatural sickness is some sort of abstract spirituality, but it’s not. Instead, the cure is something—someone—concrete and real named Jesus Christ.

He calls for us to repent of our sin by believing in Him for salvation. That is, the only salvation from sin is the calling out to Christ who was crucified for our transgressions on the cross. There is no other path to the Father in Heaven above.

It’s not enough to believe in mere spirituality for our salvation. Being a “spiritual person” doesn’t save a man from the terrible wages of sin any more than believing in human anatomy saves you from disaster.

You cannot shout, “I believe in lungs!” when you’re drowning and expect your lungs to work. Of course you believe in lungs; everyone does. But that belief won’t save you from the agony of drowning.

Instead, you need to be rescued from the water and treated by a doctor. You have to call out to someone for help. You need a doctor who not only knows you have lungs, but knows how to treat them by giving you CPR.

There’s a reason why Christ, in Mark 2:17, calls Himself the Great Physician. He can fix a sickness that no Earthly doctor can. Doctors may heal our bodies, but Christ will resurrect them. Doctors can comfort (or scare) our spirits, but Christ cleanses them of all sin.

Thus, herein is the warning for all who call themselves “spiritual,” but refuse to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ:

Those who say, “I believe that God is love, and I believe that God is light, so I worship the energy and light that surrounds us,” will discover too late that they’ve fallen fearfully into the eternal dark.

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1 comentário

beau didly
beau didly
13 de jul. de 2023

I believe in the Sovereignty of God, the Lord God says in His Word, 2 Thessalonians 9-11 These are the people that refuse to believe the TRUTH, those that have pleasure in unrighteousness. God said, I will send them strong delusion, so that they will believe what is false, so they'll be condemned for not believing the TRUTH (paraphrased). These verses make me understand, that these people have become unwilling and unable to believe the TRUTH. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living Sovereign God, ( Paraphrased ) Hebrews 10: 30-31

Tanner as usual, a very penetrating article, I need to memorize this one.

Your brother in Christ Peter B. 🙏❤️✌️

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