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Here Are 5 Things To Thank Trudeau For This Thanksgiving

The mystery of thankfulness is it seems the more we have, the less thankful we are. Everyday experience shows us that poor but earnest families tend to be more thankful than rich families (not always, but most of the time).

The poor man is thankful for everything he has precisely because he does not have very much. He sees glory in a glass of water. His life is happier, and happier in a richer way, because he can see things to be happy about. The poor man is happy with what he has; the rich man is upset about what he does not have.

We tend to think that poor are chiefly concerned about what they lack. In reality, especially compared to the rich, it’s simply not so. It’s the rich that are concerned about what they do not have. Most of the time, that’s how they became rich. Their burden is their insatiable appetite for more. Although I'm an unashamed free-market capitalist who holds no inherent grudge against the rich and is grateful for their various enterprise, it’s impossible to deny that many entrepreneurs are so busy being upset about the capital they didn’t acquire that they have no time to be thankful for what capital they did.

We do not desire this dreaded fate of ingratitude and misery. We are learning to be thankful for everything we have so we might enjoy life to the full. Indeed, if we can be thankful for our current government and leaders, we can be thankful for anything, for Paul tells us to give thanks even when trials abound.

Though we’ve received lumps of coal from Ottawa over the year(s), perhaps we can put them to use. As such, here are five things we can thank Ottawa and Prime Minister Trudeau for this Thanksgiving:

1. Temperance: The Bible tells us to love our enemies. It also tells us to love our neighbours. Justin Trudeau lets us practice obeying both commandments at the same time, because he’s the same person.

2. Inflation: Though painful and unwanted, Ottawa's inflation reminds us that we still have money that can be inflated. The fact that the price of groceries has skyrocketed is frightening, but not as frightening as having no groceries on the shelves at all.

3. Resurgence of Freedom: Government mandates were (and still are) diabolical. But those same governments worldwide have stirred a sleeping giant. The Ottawa convoy was perhaps the most spectacular unification for freedom in modern history as people are awakening to the terrors of tyranny.

4. Lockdowns: Again, although lockdowns are diabolical, they provided us with an opportunity we otherwise wouldn’t have had. They opened our eyes to those churches led by mice instead of men. They showed us what institutions were worthy of our support. They revealed what our politicians really believed (and still believe).

5. Trudeau And Christ: The most peculiar thing about Mr. Trudeau is that although he’s vehemently antichrist, his actions draw us to Christ. We are exceedingly thankful for the light (Christ) because Trudeau shows us how awful it is to be in the dark. We are thankful for Mosaic law because it tells us we’re sinners who need a Saviour. We’re thankful for pain because it tells us to throw our hand off the burner. We’re thankful for Mr. Trudeau because he makes us pray more fervently for Christ’s return.

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Oct 11, 2022

The whole aim and goal of evil will end evil. The greater evil becomes the quicker to is own destruction. Kingdoms rise and fall but the love of the Lord will endure. His lovingkindness is everlasting.


Oct 10, 2022

Once again a well written and uplifting piece of wisdom and knowledge, by what I consider to be truly insightful, and for which I am also truly grateful and blessed to be able to see, hear and read. By all means Tanner, carry on doing what you are doing and saying, as the people are watching and listening, and some of them are even waking up to the insanity and or global madness that has encompassed the entire planet by the few godless and satanic so-called political global leaders, and their puppet masters, facilitators, henchmen, wannabe lackeys, and the like. Their time draws near for the creator's judgment(s). For this I am also grateful. Bless and thank you Tanner. 😊🤠❤️

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