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Why Support me?

An attack has been launched against humans and our very humanity. 


The family is criticized; the home is declared the epitome of “oppressive patriarchy.” Classical virtues are treated like vices, and Christian values are increasingly labelled unchristian. Objective truth is no longer true, and we are commanded to tolerate everything—even that which is intolerable.


This modernism manifests chiefly in dogmas like socialism and progressivism. Radicals claim they’re progressing, but have no idea which way is forward. Ideologues in universities and government, thinking about a future without thought, saturate the whole society with their insane ideals. Pastors are imprisoned, truck drivers are hailed domestic terrorists, businesses are closed down forever, and everything right is called wrong while everything wrong is called right. 


I’m working my hardest to repel this ideological attack. The menace of modernism is challenged by proclaiming fundamental, common sense, Christian truths for the world to hear. I agree with G.K. Chesterton and argue that just as the most effective way to combat lies is never to tell them, the surest way to resist tyranny is to resist it before it exists. 


Who Are You Supporting?

I am a trained and independent economist with a particular focus on Austrian theory and Industrial Organization. This study has allowed me to become an author, speaker, economic consultant, and commentator on politics, ethics, religion, and social issues in vogue. I have spoken at hundreds of events, lectured on various topics to various audiences, appeared on numerous podcasts, and been cited in various media articles. 


Like everyone, I’ve been exposed to numerous ideals, thoughts, and theories, broadening my worldview and opening my eyes to reality around me. However, none of these lessons and observations are as influential as my Christian faith, strengthened by Jesus Christ every day. Authors and preachers like Charles Spurgeon, G.K. Chesterton, Herman Bavinck, William Lane Craig, C.S. Lewis, George Orwell, Milton Friedman, Ludwig Von Mises, and Winston Churchill profoundly affect me, but I scrutinize all their writings and wisdom against the standard of Scripture.


I was raised on the fundamental principles of Christianity, and while I was saved by grace through faith at an elementary age, it wasn’t until university that I studied the Christian scriptures with all the seriousness and solemn reflection they require. During that time, the truth opened up in ways I had never experienced before. The grace of the Lord Jesus led me to a more complete understanding of Himself, reinforced my principles already taught to me by my family, and introduced me to new mysteries about the gospel and Scripture. 


What Are You Supporting?

Your donation will be used to further the progression of truth and freedom in as many places as possible. It will be used to battle socialism, subjective truth, corrupt government, immorality, anti-realism, global powers, and the censorship of Christian values. 


Because I am independent and am not affiliated with any political party, organization, non-profit organization, or third-party advertiser, I speak freely for political parties, independent groups, churches, and any other organization that will listen to what I have to say, or read what I have to write.


On my public pages, where my videos and posts receive hundreds of thousands of views every month, I write articles, prayer updates, and analyses, and film video shorts, livestreams, and podcasts, as often as possible to promote the truth. 


The creation of this content demands time and money. Diligent study is critical to speak the truth, and money is required to actually produce it. Equipment, rentals, website maintenance, office supplies, marketing and advertising, food, and other expenses compound while pursuing this adventure full-time. I believe what I’m doing is of value to numerous individuals—take a read below to see what some of them are saying: 


Thank you, Tanner! Very well written! I love reading and listening to you!


Your writings are a wonder to me and the way you see this world.  I happy you share with whomever seeks them. Thank you, God bless you.


Bless you Tanner for your skill as a speaker and writer. You have a wonderful way to explain things that make easy for anyone to truly understand what you're saying and where you're coming from.

God bless you Tanner. Keep speaking the truth! Your points you make are spot on.


Read some of my articles; watch some of my videos. If what I say resonates with you, and if you believe I’m fighting for what’s right and valuable, consider aiding me in the defence of truth. 


If you are led to donate to help me with my costs, expenses, and enable me to combat the rejection of truth to my fullest capacity, thank you so much! 


If not, no worries at all! Thank you for reading! I so appreciate your support and encouragement!


Above all, I cherish your prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ so much. It is a more valuable gift to me than anything in the world. “The night is nearly over; the day is almost here.” Time is short. Men and women are dying without the truth—without Jesus Christ as their Saviour—and though the march of progressivism is more ominous by the hour, the majesty and eternal hope of Christ is already here. 


- Tanner Hnidey

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