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We Need To Stop Bill C-11 At All Cost!

To The Liberal Government of Canada,

You deceitful cackle of hyenas. You want to regulate my speech.* I write articles and I release videos, just like thousands of other content creators across the magnificent expanse of the country, and you want to ensure I comply with your rules and regulations.


You want to do so by legislating Bill C-11. It is a dangerous and fearful bill, but not for you. It’s a dangerous and frightful bill for me, and for all those countless millions of Canadians who use the internet for their information.

The fact of the matter is that you, with all your near-omnipotent, technocratic control, and power, will be able to censor my content and others before we can reinforce what content we have posted.

“That’s precisely the idea!” you reply.

I’m sure it is. It’s why I label you, “Wicked, evil, scheming.”

But perhaps you’re asking the question—“Why is censorship wrong? After all, many men are very hateful and can crush others with the hammer of cruelty in a keystroke. Some women are exceedingly vindictive and will twist the knife of gossip deep into the (what) with the release of an article or video.”

You arrogant fools. Your point is considered, but that’s it. It’s considered, but it's not a legitimate reason to pursue these tyrannical policies because the most vigorous defence against tyranny is truth, and censorship destroys truth.

“But we live in a free country!” you reply.

Really? Even if we did, do you think yourselves so benevolent and kind that you would never dare stoop to the levels of the tyrant? You’re the last group of individuals I want to be ruled by if you do. But more than that, do you think checks and balances on your power are unwarranted? Of course, no matter how you reply, your actions condemn you.

If you’ve shown us anything throughout your reign, it's that your governance, if you choose, is cruel. Your standard of right and wrong is trash. Throwing protestors in prison, freezing our bank accounts, locking us down—don’t these Stalinist policies sound like old-school soviet laws to you?

So, what? Are we supposed to trust you? Are we supposed to place the delicate and fragile democracies and freedoms we cherish into your abrasive, sharp, gangly fingers?

Never. I’d rather leave a piece of food with a pig for safekeeping.

The fact of the matter is that “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” So what is Bill C-11? Is it fraud, or is it force? On the one hand, it’s fraud because a fraud is a liar, and C-11 silences what is true, and doing so is the same thing as lying.

On the other hand, C-11 is also forceful because it explicitly controls what can and cannot be aired on Canadian internet waves.

In this, C-11 is both—it is a bill both of fraud and force.

Congratulations. You’re the exact government that Orwell warned us about. Perhaps you could place such a trophy next to all of the other “accomplishments” you’ve achieved during your dreadful know, accomplishments like your record debt, monstrous inflation, the housing crisis, the beginning of the abolition of law, and trampling seniors with horses.

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