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We Need To Put Prayer Back In School


The evils of progressivism are inexhaustible. We cannot criticize that dogma enough. It is contemptible; it is unnatural.

Progressives speak of love, tolerance, and peace, but what do they deliver? Pedophilia, perversion, and sin.

You have undoubtedly seen the foulest and most incensing story circulating your social media posts lately. I would quote the article, which includes a school, kindergarteners, and sexualized homework, but I will not stain my site with such unutterable filth. If one dares, he can read the article here.* But it's not just this story--there are many more like it. There are many more examples of schools and classrooms teaching children about things that are not meant for their consumption.

And yet, I am encouraged to read about the severe backlash this appalling assignment and move towards "progressive values" has generated. We hear the quarrels, “Why are you teaching this trash to children? Why are my children being sexualized in school?” and rightfully so. Everyone—seniors, parents, youth, singles, couples—is starting to offer their opinions in this debate.

2. Standard

Of course, the presence of debate means that we’re appealing to some sort of standard of behaviour.

It used to be that when individuals were engaged in argument, both tried to persuade the other that their actions did, or did not, fall in line with the objective standard. Let me give you an example:

Suppose there is a man who has lost his job. As such, he is unable to provide food for his family. In response, he breaks into a grocery store in the middle of the night and steals some food. Later that evening, the police apprehend him and begin to question what he was doing. The conversation might go something like this:

“You stole some food.”

“I did, but it was justified. I did nothing wrong!”

“Why did you steal?”

“I stole because I have to feed my family. I lost my job, so I could not put food on the table. As such, I resorted to stealing just a little bit from the grocery store that already has a lot of groceries in stock.”

In this, both parties are appealing to a standard that states it’s wrong to steal. However, the thief is attempting to justify his actions as though his circumstance warrants exemption from the law; tragic as the story is, it does not.

But in today’s society, we’ve thrown out the standard entirely. Surely this is evident with public schools forcing prayer out of their classrooms.

When I was in elementary, the day still started with a school-wide prayer. Because I am a Christian, that prayer was a conversation with God. But even if one wasn’t a believer, it was a recognition of a power beyond human comprehension, and it was a public submission to the fact that there is indeed a right and wrong.

Of course, we have allowed progressives to euthanize prayer in our schools, and our standard of right and wrong with it. Make no mistake, the sins of schools are a product of sin. But is eliminating prayer helping us avoid such evil at all?

The appropriate response to the news article is to say to the teacher, “Your actions are out of line.” and then punish them with any legal recourse possible. But in a school operated by progressives, their reply is, “There is no line. Morality is always moving; ever-evolving.”

And yet, there must be some standard, because even by arguing that there is no longer an objective line of morality, are progressives not arguing that they are right and that we are wrong? How is that possible unless we have a reference point to tell us what right and wrong are? You see? Progressives argue in circles, and then they have the audacity to call us insane!

3. Consequence

Do you remember when we used to pray in public school? I do. Then came the post-modern movement, and the abolition of prayer was wedded to the progressive’s conquer of education.

“Be happy and be tolerant. Do not pray to avoid offending anyone. Follow yourself, and you will be happy. Listen to your teachers, not your parents, and we will enlighten you. Be servants of the government, and you will be modern” is the cry of the unions, radicals, and socialists.

The sexualization of five-year-old children is the consequence.

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*Note--I am not criticizing True North or their reporting in any way. Rather, I am criticizing the contents of the article and those who were involved in the scandal.


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