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The Universities Are Totally Insane

The other day, someone asked me my opinion on the state of universities in Canada.

The news is very bad.

The universities, particularly the liberal arts in the universities (though the radical progressive is migrating to the sciences), have become a den of lions. The student no longer goes to university to learn and discover how to think; he goes to be consumed. Professors, clubs, student union presidents and councils, political administration, and massive bureaucracy, perpetually starve for new minds to indoctrinate. Their appetite to brainwash is never satisfied.

It would be one thing if what the universities were teaching was wrong. It would be a problem, of course, but if someone is wrong, he can be argued into reality, and his mind can be changed to teach what is right.

No, the universities are not just wrong, they are devolving; they are descending into the domain of madmen. Indeed, the universities are insane.

They are insane, and as a consequence, the students are not set forth, but loose, into prominent positions of law, administration, politics, and influence, and their insanity and insane ideologies (injected into them in university) trickle down into society setting the whole country ablaze.

Of course, it’s no minor accusation to call the universities insane. How do I know it to be true?

I know my claim is correct because I was there for four years.

But more than that, I know the universities are insane because nothing surprises them anymore. Nothing is so radical or repulsive that they revile in shock. Everything—from the most wicked acts to the most ridiculous beliefs—is accepted and even worshiped in those modern and marbled halls.

For example, introducing children to drag queen shows is objectively evil because exposing children to perversion is heinous and odious. For the overwhelming majority, the sexualization of children in any capacity is naturally repulsive—it’s self-evident this is so—and our spirits understand as much.

However, because the universities have lost all sense of shock, nothing is too progressive for their desires. Radicals no longer recognize the unnatural, so they see sick rationality in children attending drag queen shows. They call such moral regress “normal,” or, at the very least, “needs to be normalized.”

“Well, then the universities are totally irrational!” one might reply, but he would be wrong if he said so. Do not think that the universities are irrational. Instead, they are “super-rational.” They have divorced themselves from everything but their rationality, so their rationality is all they have left.

The term “He always has an answer” comes to mind. Some individuals always outmaneuver and evade reality's razor, no matter how much we hammer them with logic and fact. We muse, “No matter what you say to the man, he always has an answer for everything,” and indeed, his answers are often ridiculous. It’s impossible to argue with such men, not because they can see rationality so clearly, but because they are blinded by it. It’s good that a chef should sprinkle some salt into his dish, but it’s only a sprinkle. Cool rationality is welcome, but rationality on its own is as deadly as devouring nothing but blocks of salt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, these ideological cannibals are destroying themselves. The universities have become so rational that they are explaining away rationality itself. They must rationalize everything; now they are trying to rationalize rationality. But certain things do not need to be rationalized because they are rationality. I study God and see that not only is His existence rational, but He is rationality. By tossing Him out and relying on their progressive ideals, the universities are cutting off the branch they’re sitting on. They love to rationalize, but they do not know what rationality is. For without God, rationality ceases to exist, just like how without something opaque stopping our sight, we are rendered practically blind, unable to see anything at all.

*For the foundation of this article, see G.K. Chesterton's book, Orthodoxy

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Aug 20, 2022

I very much appreciate your work and words of wisdom, bless and thank you Tanner.

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