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I'm Ukrainian | Here's What I Think Of The Invasion.

I don't trust a single one of our leaders to tell us the truth. Do you?

I'm not claiming the Russian invasion is warranted or justified; certainly not. I'm not declaring Vladimir Putin a leader I'd want to live under, and this article most definitely isn't "Pro-Russian." However, all of this political propaganda being deployed out of Ukraine is making everyone (not just me) increasingly uncertain about the true geopolitical nature of the crisis.

Again, no one claims the Ukrainian people are liars; I’m Ukrainian myself. News outlets and thinkers I trust (as best as is possible, I suppose) detail the suffering of the Ukrainian people (especially in the villages) during this invasion. It’s a terrible thing, and we continue to pray for them and the Russian people who do not want a war.

However, we also won't commit the sin of blind ignorance and accept everything we see on the news; this is not a pro-Russian stance, but a pro-truth one. I think we’re right to exercise prudence and ask appropriate questions regarding the state of the invasion. Here’s why:

1. Globalists support Ukraine

This is not to say Ukraine is bad (not at all), and it's also not to say that right and wrong is determined based on what a globalist believes, but let us think for a moment. When was the last time Justin Trudeau did something noble? When was the last time President Joe Biden did anything beneficial for his people? When was the last time we were able to say, “Ah yes, there is the moral Boris Johnson.”? When was the last time the German Government, with all their virtue signalling green energy, worked for the freedom of their people?

All that to say, no one doubts that all of these leaders are cosmopolitan conspirators, and all of them are supporting the Ukrainian Government. It might well be that the Ukrainian Government is just and moral, and it might be, though improbable, that what’s being shown on the MSM is precisely what’s happening in Ukraine. But based on our politicians' recent conduct, we would be foolish to believe anything, let alone the details of war (which, by nature, is deceptive), purely because our leaders told us to do so, or because the MSM showed us a five-second clip on the tv screen.

2. Propaganda

In the past week alone, look what’s been proven fake:

  • The now-infamous and courageous defiance of the Ukrainian watchmen at Snake Island was proven fake.*

  • The ace combat pilot with the moniker “Ghost of Kyiv” is fake, and the video of him obliterating Russian aircraft is from a video game.**

  • The photographs of Prime Minister Zelensky in the trenches were captured months ago.*`

  • The photograph of “Miss Ukraine” fighting in the city was staged with an airsoft gun and was also captured months ago.*``

And so on.

Why the deception? Why the need for pure and present propaganda? Is the maelstrom of invasion and war not horrible enough to telegraph to the whole world? Why must the MSM and others “sprinkle a little bit extra on top?” It makes us leery of any information, and forces us to say, "Nothing seems to make sense at all."

3. Christ

However, what does make sense is trusting in Jesus Christ. I don’t know what exactly is happening in the Slavic states, but I know that Christ knows, and not only that He knows, but that He’s entirely sovereign as well. We might not know exactly what to pray, but we know that we can pray. Christ will never reject our very act of doing so. We ask the Lord to reveal what is true, protect those who are innocent, crush the oppressor, deliver the poor of the people, and nourish the world with righteousness. To that end, even if there is something rotten in the circumstances of this invasion, we are confident and totally trust that the kingdom of Heaven is pure.

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