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Are You Ready For Martial Law In Canada?

1.Marital Law

The prospect of martial law threatens our country. If we do nothing, it’s only a matter of time until checkpoints and curfews become the status quo—and that time is running out.

Tanks rumbling down streets, soldiers banging on doors, “purges” where members of a new-resistance are rounded up and shipped to Covid camps for “treatment”—just a few short years ago, such a nightmare afflicted 3rd world, war-torn, countries, or futurist dystopias that our Constitution was supposed to protect us from. But not anymore; now it’s here.*

“It’s for your safety!” barks Justin Trudeau.

Wrong. We’re not stupid. We know better. Parliament’s ocean of lies is drying up. The truth is being revealed. That’s why the best excuse bureaucrats can muster for their tyrannical laws is a feeble “It’s for your safety.”

Nonetheless, how do we know there’s a threat of martial law? Here is the Minister of Emergency Preparedness in Trudeau’s corrupted Federal Cabinet, Bill Blair’s, recent tweet:

Followed by:

More than that, just yesterday, the Prime Minister held a pseudo-summit over the phone with the Premiers of Canada. During that meeting, they discussed the prospect of “military support” for Covid. When questioned about it, Premier Blaine Higgs said, “I think it's something that will get further discussion in New Brunswick and probably across the country.”**

The Premiers and Prime Minister intend to utilize the military to enforce Covid laws and vaccinations. But is harnessing the military to be unthinking, robotic, bureaucratic muscle, the right thing to do? Is that the reason men join the service? Is that the reason militaries are activated? History has our answer.

2.The Purpose Of The Army

There have been a few splendid military stands and advances across the vale of years. The Battle of Britain, Nelson at Trafalgar, D-Day, Thermopylae—those militaries and the men composing them are widely regarded as some of the most venerated combatants in history. But what makes them great? What is it about those campaigns that make them famous?

Is it the courage of the soldiers? Of course, to some extent, it is. Is it the selflessness of those who sacrificed their lives? Again, of course, in part it is. But the common denominator in each battle is that the military was composed of ordinary men (who, by their heroism, became extraordinary) fighting to defend their home with all the justice, passion, resolution, and ferocity they could manifest. History looks favourably upon their actions because they did what the military was created to do: Protect domestic borders from foreign threats.

But now, the Canadian military is being deployed under orders of Her Majesty’s Government to help vaccinate. In effect, they are in Quebec (and other provinces soon, I am sure) “to protect citizens from themselves.” But hasn’t this happened before? Ancient Rome? Germany?

That still leaves us with the question, “What is the purpose of deploying the military in Canada?” Either it’s:

  1. To vaccinate the unvaccinated who do not want to be vaccinated

  2. To normalize military patrolling the streets

  3. To introduce more fear in the populous

  4. It’s some combination of all of those possibilities, which seems the most likely to me.

3. Freedom

Whatever way one slices it, the ramifications are frightening. It’s tragic, firstly, because this is wrong, but secondly, because it used to be that when the oppressed caught even a glimpse of the Canadian army, they rejoiced with relief, knowing liberation from their unimaginable trials was imminent. Though Canadian soldiers, like everyone else, were never perfect men, the completion of their missions secured the liberty and freedom of countries millions.

But will that same joy and relief wash over the Canadian when they see our military patrolling the streets at night? I very much doubt it. Because deep down in their heart, even the staunchest lobbyist for Covid restrictions knows this has nothing to do with health. When the military enforces curfews, no one feels safe, liberated, or secure.

We’re presently waiting out a cold and dreary winter, but I do not see the military on the streets where I live (yet). Either way, the army is being mobilized and deployed. In response, let us be men and women of valour, remembering that many, especially in the army, still cherish the cause of freedom.

One last thing. It’s wrong to make soldiers Ottawa’s muscle. Many of these people joined the army with the noblest intentions to serve, not to be Parliament’s police enforcing mandatory vaccinations. Ironically, that's very thing our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought to protect us from.

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* See the stories about Quebec with curfews here

** See Higgs' comments here


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