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Dear Tamara Lich, We Are Not Forgetting You

To Tamara Lich,

“Your detention is necessary to maintain confidence in the administration of justice,” said the Justice of the Peace who denied your bail.*

In actuality, your detention merely serves to maintain confidence that justice is not being administered at all.

We are told that justice is blind; it seems the court is blind to justice. True justice recognizes the guilty precisely because it is blind; the court has opened its eyes, so it no longer recognizes the innocent. Indeed, we shudder with a sense of indignation as we contemplate how many men and women—actual criminals—have been released on bail after committing heinous crimes, even as you remain in prison.

Of course, you, Tamara, are no criminal. We are amazed to witness the spirit you have inspired as you wake countless citizens from their slumber. So why shackle you in prison? Of course, in large part it’s because you are an emblem of a people refusing to submit to tyranny, but also because you have proven to government that free men and women are the only beings they cannot control.

The fact of the matter is that government is in the business of domestication. They are, after all, running a circus, and have already tamed most of their performers. Party cabinet knows how party whips will behave, and party MP’s know how to purchase power and loyalty with the special interest groups. As such, they don’t know what to do with you. They know you, and the men and women you have inspired, cannot be controlled, so they unjustly keep you as an example in a cage.

Tamara, know that we are with you. Your influence is an anthem so loud, no government can deny its power; so deep, no bureaucrat can disregard its resonance. We see through the injustice of our our rulers denouncing a kingdom for silencing a woman’s protest for freedom, and then demanding you silence yourself. They publicly decry tyranny, and to prove they’re not tyrannical, they lock you in jail for peacefully protesting.

By your courage and conviction, you have revealed that the Canadian government, trespassing beyond their domain and demanding the rule of every single aspect of our lives, has abdicated the right to rule any part of it at all.

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