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No, The Convoy Is Not "Extremist" Or 'Supremacist" | Shame On Those Who Call It So

1. Insults

As I was browsing Facebook, I saw a good friend post his happy support for the convoy. There was nothing radical about his post; it just said, “I love this [the convoy] and support it too - Canada strong!!!!” with a picture of the route the truckers are travelling.

But then came the accusations and passive-aggressive moral reprimands. One comment on his post said,

“Oof. The people in charge are self proclaimed white supremacists, but support what you want.”

What’s concerning is that the closer the convoy gets to Ottawa, the more this uneducated and ignorant rhetoric is being employed. Bear in mind, the commenter is accusing a man who hasn’t an ounce of “white supremacy” in his body, nor does he have any history of it. He’s a regular, happy-go-lucky, humble, hard-working, Albertan, excited to see the unification of Canadians who champion freedom…it’s no wonder people are fed up with the way things are in Canada. Who wants to be labelled a white supremacist for simply supporting a free and populist movement?

2. Truth

The fact of the matter is, at precisely no point in this entire campaign has the convoy been about “white supremacy” or any other extremist ideology; it’s ridiculous and inappropriate to accuse it so. Can anyone provide even one document or piece of evidence that says, “This convoy to Ottawa was orchestrated to declare the Anglo Saxon, caucasian race superior to all others in the world.”? More than that, can anyone find even a handful of truckers who would agree with such blatant racism if it were presented to them? Of course not.

We know the convoy has nothing to do with racism or other extremist ideologies because if it did, the MSM would be all over it. You can see the headlines now—“Racist convoy out to destroy Ottawa”—being repeated over and over on the morning, afternoon, and evening, news.

The usual cry of the radical left when confronted with that fact is something like “But Pat King organized it!” or something along those lines…do they really believe that even 10% of those truckers have any idea who Pat King is? I didn’t even know who he was until yesterday. Whether he made suggestive comments in the past or not, I don’t know, but we certainly won’t defend him if he did, just as we won’t accuse him if he didn’t.

What I do know is that no one even has King on their mind during this convoy. Granted, truckers are not homogenous. Although this convoy has been entirely peaceful, some truckers may be more "passionate" than others, but that’s true in every organization. No one is responsible for their sins except themselves. Besides, maybe we should give radicals a list of all the leftists that have said and done appalling things in the past, starting with the “statesmen” of their socialist ideology—Joseph Stalin.

3. Rejecting Reality

Of course, it’s really no surprise that the MSM and other leftist ideologues attack the movement like this. They hate it. And they’re using the same tactic they invariably use to discredit a cause; public moral shaming. After all, they can’t use facts because their dogma flagrantly violates the rules of reality.

For example, socialism doesn’t work because markets are not static systems. They are systems of spontaneous order which means no man or woman can amass the information necessary to ration scarce goods efficiently. That’s the argument's conclusion; there's hardly an argument at all; it’s a closed case. The socialist says, “I want to tell everyone how much they can get of everything,” and the economist replies, “You can’t. Markets change second by second.” To counter, the socialist retreats to this emotional (and false) argument instead:

“We need socialism because it helps the poor, and capitalists are greedy!”

They have no facts, no logic, and no data to support their claims. The radical leftist makes people feel bad until they shut up and let the progressive conquer power. It’s clear the convoy it’s not an extremist movement, but the leftist can’t handle the growing strength of freedom, so they begin to accuse us of trying to recreate the “January 6th insurrection.”

Of course, we might present them all the data we can—we might provide them testimonials, videos, and articles demonstrating our allegiance to peace—it usually isn’t enough. That is, truth usually isn’t enough to persuade the radical of our chivalrous aims because by adopting leftism, they have rejected truth altogether. But what's greater than truth?! Nothing at all. Thus, if the truth won’t change their hearts, nothing will. Indeed, I would sooner argue with a dead man than someone who openly rejects truth, for the dead man would be less stubborn and more intellectually stimulating.

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Jan 28, 2022

lol cry harder bitch


Jan 28, 2022

untruedoh doh and every premiere of each province are in breach of Bill S-201 and need to be removed asap

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