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"Don't Tell Your Parents" | Our Children's Secret Vaccinations

1. Consent

What kind of government legalizes and encourages 12-year-olds to take a vaccine, inducing unknowable long-term consequences, without the consent of their parents? Ours does. But we’re mistaken to assume that this trespass is peculiar and rare. On the contrary, something like this is an expected consequence of allowing any government to roam free into forbidden pasture beyond the fence of freedom.

When it leaked that Manitoba allows children to receive the vaccine at school without the consent of a parent,* we were mortified. When British Columbia’s top doctor, Bonnie Henry, said, “They [children] will only need to bring their identification cards and their personal health number and do not need to have parental consent to get the vaccine…there is no limit to the age that somebody can consent for medical treatment, including immunization,"** we weren’t surprised.

But when it was revealed that all of Canada, Alberta included—our home where we cherish freedom like no other province—has legalized the monstrosity “…if they’re [children] deemed competent – in other words, if they understand the nature of vaccines – their consent is both necessary and sufficient,”*` we were rightfully enraged.

And if the threat of children being vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent wasn’t threatening enough, the reality that Premier Kenney and others are contemplating the prospect of putting vaccination centres in schools sends shivers down our spines.**` Shouldn’t we be seriously concerned? Even if the ruler’s conscience is clear, and even if, by miracle, the vaccine is absent long-term side effects, the potential it creates for wicked officials dressed in black suits and white lab coats to engage in sinister action is too great a risk to consent.

2. Freedom

I’m not going to take the vaccine. I’m refusing it primarily because there’s not an ounce of evidence or acceptable analysis describing its long-term effects. I have yet to discover an honest doctor who confidently admits that the CDC, Health Canada, or AHS, can accurately ascertain the consequences of introducing the body to this vaccine. That fact alone is sufficient for me.

Of course, we do not condemn those who decide to be immunized with Pfizer’s, Moderna’s, or any other medicinal empire’s concoction. It seems that man is happiest (not to mention safest) and able to exercise his natural condition and command when he is free to do what he wants, in accordance with the convictions of his will, subject to the requirements of just law. That is, for the most part, as long as one doesn’t physically harm another by action Y, he ought to be able to engage in action Y. If a man wants to receive a vaccine, by all means let him do so. And this idea must hold true for activities, though not illegal or violating natural law, we disagree with. You and I might believe that a diet consisting of chocolate and ice cream for breakfast every morning is a foolish way to live, but it’s not for us to enforce anymore than it is for an atheist to deny Christians the celebration of the Easter Resurrection.

3. Children

However, the socialist society we inhabit has turned children into ambiguous territory. It’s one thing to be 18, to be an adult under the law and make your own decisions, accepting responsibility for those decisions. An adult cannot blame his parents, relatives, or friends if he has indulged in poor choices in life, promoting premature demise. A system that diminishes such personal responsibility contradicts the commands of Scripture. But it’s something else entirely to toss that burden to a child. They are not permitted to legally drink, fight in wars, drive, or vote. Rightfully so. And yet, here we are, championing them to get a vaccine if they alone so choose. We don’t let a child gamble $1.00 on a lottery ticket, but we’ll let him gamble with the next 10, 20, 30 years of his life.

We are unequivocally opposed to children receiving the vaccine without their parent’s consent because of the dangerous legal precedent, but more importantly, because allowing it encourages the child to submit his or her allegiance to the hive of government. Our opponents, the radical leftists possessing extreme skill in the game of politics, are gunning to make our children the responsibility, not of the parent, but the province and the country.


To gently insinuate and nurture in the child’s mind the belief that he is secured, provided for, and saved, not by his parents who love and cherish him, but by the government. By socialism. By bureaucratic medicine and centralized care. With legislation like this, our children are being commanded to value not foundations like justice and morality, but safety and social justice. If the power-hungry succeed, they will have produced a perfect citizen—one who believes he is totally dependent on the government to live, who thinks that without the wisdom and empathy of his bureaucracy, Hell would invade Earth, and who concludes he is happier as a member of an institution than of a family.

Of course, we hear, “Oh, but we are doing it for their safety!” But in actuality, the child, brainwashed without ever touching an electric probe, will see the world as the Marxist wants: Oppressed vs. Oppressor. Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated. Safe vs. Dangerous.

Surely it’s safer to let the parents decide what’s best for their children. It’s better to be too cautious in this domain than not enough. For if we fail, if this push for a dependent society succeeds, families will be devalued and dehumanized into breeders for new servants of the state.

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