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Canadians Are The Guinea Pigs For Digital ID

1. Diversion

I love the game of chess; I wish I had time to play it more often. I love the “thock” sound the soldiers make advancing on the board, the strategy involved, the gentlemanly atmosphere of intellectual combat, and I relish the flourish of successfully sacrificing a piece to conquer your opponent’s king.

Of course, I’m not very good at the game, but I enjoy studying it nonetheless. As one scaffolds the ranks of chess expertise, they begin to study advanced topics in the game like lines, endgames, and, as mentioned, sacrifices. Oftentimes, a player “lays a trap” and “erroneously” moves a piece to an undefended position. In response, his opponent captures that piece quickly. However, upon doing so, the opponent quickly learns his challenger meant for him to do that, which usually ensures the baited’s defeat.

The same is true of politics.


So much is going on today: The war in Ukraine, OPEC, Gasoline Prices, China and Covid, etc.; it’s dreadfully easy to be overwhelmed and forget what’s happening at home! And indeed, things—sinister things—are happening here in Canada as well.

I have no doubt the Government of Canada is using all of these geopolitical events as a diversion. While we are so focused on what’s happening in the world (and that’s an important thing), our government commits adultery with the most vile powers and facilitates our bondage.

One of the ways the government does this is by participating in the WEF’s “Known Traveller Identity Program” (KTDI) program.

What is the KTDI? Exactly what the name says. It’s an “initiative” that, for the safety of all (as it always is), digitizes our passports to:

“…strengthen cross-border security and the surge in passenger volumes expected in the coming decade. The KTDI concept anticipates an innovative, interoperable system that enables consortium passengers to access verifiable claims of a traveller’s identity data so they can assess their credibility, optimism passenger processing and manage risk.”*

Deconstructing that mission statement into digestible terms, the KTDI is a digital passport that details everything you do. To that end, when you try to travel or board a flight, the customs officer can search your history—perhaps voting records, bank statements, and organizational affiliations—and determine if you’re fit to fly.

A possible scenario might unfold like this:

  1. “Thank you for choosing Air Canada today. May I scan your Digital Passport?”

  2. You hold out your right hand, and the attendant scans it with a blue light.

  3. “Oh dear, it says you transferred $10 global units of currency to a former "freedom group." You should know they are labelled terrorist organizations now. I’m sorry, but you’ve been flagged as dangerous by CANSOC (The Canadian Socialist Party) and thus, are not permitted to fly or travel.

That sequence sounds hyperbolic, but it’s becoming more and more of a reality every day.

3. Treason

“Why?” one might ask, “Did you use Air Canada in your example?”

The reason is simple; they’re a pilot partner in the program. Here’s the list of some of them.**

Note the Canadian Government; that's treasonous.

A government’s job is to protect all citizens' individual rights and freedoms in their country. Their job is to “enforce the big laws” and ensure that my fellow man does not assault me. If I am assaulted, then it’s the government’s job to prosecute my aggressor to the fullest extent of the law; that’s justice.

But Mr. Trudeau’s government exists to promote 1984 in 2022. Our Prime Minister is a lapdog for Klaus Schwab and other elitists; that’s not even a controversial statement anymore.

To that end, who does Justin Trudeau (The Government of Canada) serve? Does he serve justice, law, and Canadians? Or, does he serve the WEF, UN, and IMF?

To ask the question is to know the answer.

Our government betrayed those who voted them into power. We are used as guinea pigs—faces for the “trial runs,” if you will—for the new, Orwellian, society that wicked men and women want to use to oppress the world. Trudeau has no care for Canadians. It’s degrading to be utilized as experiments for the policies of a New World Order, but don’t try and tell our Prime Minister that; he’s too busy worshiping the principalities of evil.

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