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Ottawa Beware | There's A Reckoning Stirring In the Hearts Of Albertans

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A spark of resolve has ignited a flame in the hearts of Albertans. New friends, family, and community, nourish the drive in our province’s people to outlast the menace of tyranny. And we are not without hope.

Over the weekend, I attended and spoke at a most encouraging and enjoyable event organized by the “Alberta Unity Project,” of which I am a member.

As I first approached the congregation of fellow Albertans near Olds, Alberta, I was immediately captivated by the diversity of all attending. There were about 1000-1200 people there. None of them were radical or unhinged, as the mainstream media would have the country believe. On the contrary, I met various individuals, all of them respectful, kind, and concerned, but also energetic and hopeful. There were cowboys, businessmen, intellectuals, and construction workers, simultaneously exercising their guaranteed constitutional rights as human beings to assemble freely and engage in the freedom of speech. There were commuters from Medicine Hat and others from Edmonton, all of them with the admirable and unified aim of achieving Alberta’s independence.

How many people in the whole of human history have enjoyed the opportunity presented before us now? How many citizens in the storied pages of our species have been gifted the ability to stand in powerful solidarity against government's unjust dominance? We are sure not to let this one slip away.

Our new friends in attendance were eager to listen to our aim of independence. Proof after proof of its necessity was presented by very impressive intellectuals commanding the stage. But historically, Albertan’s independence movements have been caught in a bog of squabbling. Various factions of the movement, that all generally wanted the same thing, deemed themselves incompatible with each other, often due to tedious differences in governance. Our present and immediate aim is to remedy that problem, and indeed, there was not a hint of it last Saturday afternoon.

For too long, we’ve tolerated the unjust actions of our Federal Parliament. Humble Albertans—kind neighbours and hard-working friends—are being punished by Ottawa for no other reason than they think we exist to finance their objectives. Just today Prime Minister declared war on our oil and gas sector!* Our country is no longer one that’s constructed on law but on the subjective desires of our Members of Parliament that frequently contradict what is moral and right. But we will not flag or fail, and after witnessing the intensity and the passion stirring in the hearts of all Albertans across our vast expanse, we might officially say,

there is a reckoning.

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