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A Defence Of Motherhood

Women are made to be mothers. Our society acts like that’s a derogatory thing to say, but they're wrong.

The highest science, the greatest adventure, the most exhilarating campaign which can ever capture the attention of a woman is the struggle, aches, pains, joys, fatigue, and thrill of motherhood to the children she bears.

There’s something exceptionally humbling to all of our minds as we think about our mothers. Nothing so astounds the intellect and magnifies the beauty and splendor of the daughters of Eve like a devout understanding of the magnificence of motherhood.

In our progressive age, women are told they should specialize in a career, but a mother is a woman who specializes in all the careers. They’re the surgeons who bandage our wounds every time we scrape our knee. They’re our favourite philosophers, offering more potent advice than all the mystics in Plato’s academy. And, they’re the investors who budget and prepare for all of our futures.

Our society tends to believe the most glorious women are those who sparkle on TV or strut down runways in Prague, but the truth of the matter is that the women who shine brightest are those who, outwardly, hardly shine at all. The glory of Christ looks much more like the cheerful countenance of a hard-working mother than it does the fake smiles and pouty lips of supermodels.

And yet, in spite of all our mothers do for us, we still can’t comprehend how brilliant and special they are. We can use all our mathematics and physics to perform the impossible and toss a mountain into the sea, but most mathematicians and physicists cannot begin to solve the enigma of raising a toddler, for it’s easier to raise a mountain out of the ground than it is to raise a child out of his youth.

The true mark of a mother is her sacrifice. The businesswoman indulges herself; the mother indulges everyone but herself. She’s the ultimate soldier and most exceptional example to society of what laying down one’s life for others looks like.

The moment a mother conceives her child is the moment she selflessly gives her heart away. She sacrifices her dreams for the dreams of her children. Her entire life is devoted to the divine calling of serving others. Progressives think motherhood is weak only because they are so weak themselves, acting as if working in an office is somehow superior to working in a home.

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