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Who Wants Bill C-21 To Pass? Criminals.

The most suspicious and oftentimes sinister thing in the world is a government conquering through peace. A parade of tanks isn’t nearly as dangerous as a parade of politicians. Old wars were fought with physical weapons. It was easy to identify an enemy because he was chasing you with his sword. But new wars aren’t wars at all. Ancient governments used weapons to conquer others, but modern governments conquer by taking weapons away. We sometimes wonder how the White Rider in Revelation conquers the Earth using a neutered bow without an arrow. Perhaps it’s because the governments of the Earth ban all the arrows, so the Rider doesn’t need one himself.

One of the many profound things about a family is that it’s a sovereign nation, complete with its own borders and all. Each home is a man’s castle and country. In public, he’s a subject of the monarchy, but in his home, he’s a monarch. In his little country, he serves his people (his wife and children), and all of them serve each other. The husband and his wife (we might call them the sovereigns) choose what rules to impose in their kingdom, how to control the economy, and what to produce. They design the country as they like, paint it with the patriotic colours they want, and welcome foreign diplomats into their living-room parliament every Sunday for lunch.

Of course, if there’s one thing that’s true about a sovereign nation, it’s that it has the right to defend itself; actually, it has the responsibility to defend itself. A man must defend his home because defending domestic citizens from foreign invasion ranks among a nation’s most important duties. No one ever condemned Great Britain for repelling the odious tyranny of German war, and no one ever repressed a man for repelling a dangerous thief. To violate a man’s borders and trespass into his home—whether gigantic country or humble cottage—violates the man and his family. The only appropriate response is a defensive one, and whether one likes it or not, the only way to ensure adequate defence is to use specific tools like guns.

Thus, excluding a lawful man from these tools excludes him from defending his home. Normally, an intruder who disregards borders is apt to be greeted with deadly force, but in a world where no one owns a weapon, borders become meaningless and cease to exist. What’s the point of borders if there’s no punishment for arbitrarily crossing them? Why make a wall if a random man can walk through it without consequence? Without the right to defence, the ideals of property, sovereignty, and family, practically dissolve, and that’s exactly what Justin Trudeau’s trying to accomplish.

Bill C-21, like other gun bans, means one, Orwellian, federal nation commanding family nations to relinquish their defences. It’s Rome telling Hannibal to lay down his arms. It’s Germany telling Britain to ground their RAF. It’s ancient Babylon telling Israel to turn their swords into plowshares. It’s an insulting affront to the self-governing and sovereign nation of the home.

“We’re proponents of private property,” reassures our government. No, they're not. They’re enemies of property because they hate borders. They strip us of our defences to strip us of our walls, for a home without walls isn’t a home at all. If government can invade our homes without consequence, they will invade. Healthcare, taxes, social security, electricity, money, welfare, daycare—anything and everything we can think of—is being made government’s concern. All our sovereignty is being taken away. We have less and less control over our lives because our bureaucracy increasingly controls us. Indeed, Trudeau’s not concerned with protecting Canada’s borders; he's concerned with ensuring we have no way to protect them ourselves.

And its Rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer.

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Dec 13, 2022

Another well written piece Tanner. I couldn't have said it any better. 🙂

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