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Artur Pawlowski | The Hunted Church

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

During the sacred celebration of Passover, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and their considerable entourage of law enforcement prowled the streets of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, looking for a church whose doors weren’t painted with signs of security and safety. When they discovered Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s church refusing mandatory masks and restriction, AHS forced their way in to administer the orders of their modern moloch and intimidate the pastor with fines.* But invoking courageous and righteous anger, Pastor Pawlowski demanded they leave the sacred space of God and not return unless they had a warrant to do so.**

For too many years, we've underestimated just how powerful the heavy cannons of Scripture are as they defend our territories of democracy and freedom. It's our strongest safeguard against cruelty and injustice at the hands of government. Because our Constitution's legitimacy defaults to the objective moral standard of God,*` it relies totally on Christian Scripture. For in the Scripture, the nature of God (which our Constitution and laws claim to serve) is revealed. More than that, we are granted the historically rare blessing of having free access to God’s word. This enables us to critique and criticize subsequent legislation. We can say, “this law is right” and “that law is wrong” because the character and commands of God in James, Exodus, or Romans say so. That is to say, we have the capacity to recognize if our leaders are turning tyrannical because Scripture dictates morality.

But that was the outdated and conservative Canada. Now we are a nation of safety. And if we are a nation of safety, “objective law” and “moral justice” are meaningless.

Indeed, because safety isn't an ethical ideal promoted anywhere in the Bible, now Scripture is of no consequence for our rulers. The free individual’s line of defence against a state that subjects its citizens to wicked rule is gone. Objective justice determined from something greater than government is a thing of the past. Rulers, at whatever level of office, have become a law unto themselves; they've become the new gods.

But as ravenous progressives build their new religion up, they must tear the old one down. Give Satan credit; he’s done masterful work already. Decades of free faith and cheap repentance have chipped away at the tenacity of the church until she's become totally opposed to any fight for the faith—most churches in Canada capitulated to these unscriptural and unlawful restrictions without struggle or fuss. Pastors and preachers vanquished by the loves of comfort and the world are content to stay at home and preach sermons online that nobody really cares to listen to.

But there are a few stubborn churches, like Pastor Pawlowski’s, that stand steady and remain open. Granted, there are only about 65 of them for 33 million people across the country, but they are a valiant and vital few nonetheless. They have not fallen for the ruse our premiers perpetuate that shutting down the church in this time is the thing Christ would do.

This defiance is a problem for a god. We are, after all, as Christians, trespassing in their territory. A king will not tolerate those who refuse to bow. And so, bold believers and freedom fighters around the country and being hunted. We can no longer worship Jesus the way we need to (in person with other believers) because 1. The government has banned it, and 2. The churches refuse to open—the ones that do are often harassed. Those chosen pastors that dissent and open God’s sanctuary anyway are intimidated, fined, and slandered until their church is conquered by bureaucracy.

All of these things are happening to glorify the new religion in society that promises a salvation of safety only offered by the government. But like every other religion in the world, apart from Christianity where men are saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:1-6), this salvation costs us dearly; the radical’s utopia is only achievable if we forget the rule of law and relinquish our freedoms. Unless we immediately emulate Pastor Pawlowski’s passion and courage, we shall forget our refusal to fight was a failure at all as we heil a leftist regime.

*The video of Pastor Pawlowski defending freedom is available here

**In fact, according to Canada's Criminal Code, officers and AHS disrupting a service is illegal.

*` Canadian Constitution available here

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