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Communism In Canada | Bill C-10

Vaulted behind the doors of Parliament, convening under the cloak of darkness in the dead of night, armed with incentives and backdoor deals consistent with a minority government, the Liberals passed Bill C-10.* It’s a vile piece of legislation that regulates content on platforms like YouTube and other social media. Once this bill obtains senate approval and royal assent, Canadian content creators (and thus their viewers) will be monitored by the diligent eye of Big Brother. The Heritage department of the Federal Government said they must “protect Canadians online” by censoring internet posts “that [subjectively] target communities, put people’s safety at risk, and undermine Canada’s social cohesion or democracy.” Of course, this means that the Federal Government can censor anything they want. It isn’t just a trivial thorn in the Canadian’s ability to freely express and speak; it’s a hostile invasion against the sacredness of man, inhibiting our ability to communicate the fundamental object of life, truth.

We avoid invoking the accusation “communist” too eagerly for the very reason that many of the things our government does, though wicked, aren’t communist. If we ask ourselves, “What is truth?” we conclude that it’s the harmonious marriage of reality and the intellect’s perception of reality. On the one hand, we have the reality: the sky is blue. On the other hand, we have the mind’s perception of reality: our understanding that the sky is blue.

“Doesn’t that mean reality is what we perceive it to be? If enough people said the sky is green, wouldn’t it be?”

On the contrary, because there’s an eternal being, Jesus Christ, who created all reality, objective laws govern the universe and our lives. Thus, reality can’t be altered by one’s subjective perception of it. Murder is still murder even if the population calls it “mercy.” Theft is still theft, even if a group calls it “material liberation.” Gravity will pull a man back down to earth though he thinks he can fly, and the sky is blue no matter how many times I call it green.

This leads us to the foundation for our harsh criticism of C-10. Descriptions of reality—truth—are communicated using speech. So untied are speech and truth that John begins the gospel with the phrase, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…” (John 1:1-5).

I think English has asserted itself as the dominant language in the industrial world in part because of the precision with which it conducts our communication. It’s a beautiful measure of speech because of its specific and exact appreciation of terms. There exists a perfect word for everything except perhaps the splendour of the unfathomable Divine. Like Coleridge’s musings, a waterfall isn’t “pretty,” it’s “sublime.” A mountain isn’t “cool” or “neat;" it’s magnificent and solitary. Prime Minister Trudeau isn’t “dumb” or “stupid.” He’s dramatic, shrewd, and manipulative.

So we see that because speech is the primary medium by which we discover and debate truth, English is useful because it equips a man to very accurately describe his perception of reality, and thus, better understand it. The more precise the word, the more precise the truth. Failure to articulate the proper diction will sully others’ understanding of reality, and thus, truth. For example, let’s return to describing a mountain.

Suppose I took a trip to Kananaskis, Alberta, and explored the rocky mountains. Upon my return home, say my friends asked for a description of my time in retreat, to which I replied, “Climbing the mountain was pretty cool. The view from the top was really neat. You could see for miles all around. The water in the lake at the top was clear yet blueish-green with trees and grass all around. All in all, it was a great trip!”

I have provided my friends with an inaccurate and shallow description of my trip to the Rockies. Banal word-choice like this does little to communicate truth. Instead, what if I replied that:

“Climbing the mountain was invigorating yet exhausting. However, all of my expended energy instantly returned to me as I surveyed the countless square miles of landscape supine before me at the summit of the mountain. Up there, I relaxed in a small grotto nursing a hidden lake, aqua in colour and clear as glass, surrounded by dense foliage and rugged landscape. The whole experience was breathtaking. I almost felt Olympian.”

With correct diction, the near-divine experience of peering over the horizon after trekking up a mountain is understood by others more clearly, and truth is better revealed.

Therefore, if we use words like “communist” and “totalitarian” when something is not communist or totalitarian, it cheapens the word and eventually destroys the language. This is precisely what the radical leftist is trying to do right now. They take a term like “abortion,” which describes the act of terminating a life in accordance with one’s pleasure and will, and call it “women’s reproductive rights.” President Biden and Harris take a man appropriately questioning the validity and efficacy of affirmative action and call him a racist. Premier Kenney calls us who challenged the justice and morality of unprecedented lockdowns “extremists.” There are thousands of examples like these.

Eventually, the language is dumbed down and made totally ambiguous—transformed into an insidious Newspeak—until all methods of thought are destroyed. Why do this? Because then it’s impossible to communicate the truth! According to our leaders, lockdowns aren’t “immoral,” they’re “scientific,” thus solving the moral problem entirely; barricading GraceLife Church isn’t “persecution;” it’s “safe.” Everything becomes meaningless!

But there are still some who are fearless enough to speak what’s true. There are still those who call a spade a spade. They refuse to capitulate to this modern newspeak and instead fight for what’s right. No matter how much they’re threatened, no matter how forcefully they’re encouraged to comply, regardless of the dreadful punishments they might endure along the path of a solitary man, they refuse to bow to the ideology and rulers of our Federal and Provincial Governments. As such, in the government’s eyes, they’re dangerous and must be dealt with.

If newspeak won’t work to silence these human checks on power, then there’s only one thing left to do—censor them. That’s why Bill C-10 was passed; to enable the Liberal Government, or any subsequent government, to control what you and I read on the Internet. Trudeau and his cabinet are censoring speech which is almost as effective as killing the speaker. What does this bill do if not reinforce the newspeak we’re already acquainted with? Streaming and social media will be regulated by the government, which is as good as saying, “You can only say what I want you to say,” or rather, “If you want to post online, here is what you must say.”

So in fact, C-10 is communist, and our willingness to invoke the term denotes how evil and wicked we think it to be. That’s why we must fight this bill; we do not know how much longer liberties like this will be allowed because "the stations of uncensored expression are closing down; the lights are going out.”**

*See the JCCF's report on Bill C-10 here. All subsequent facts and quotes regarding this bill have been citied from this report.

**See Churchill's speech here.

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