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Canada's Carbon Tax | What's The Point?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

1. Climate Change

In 2015, the hive of a new world, 195 nations in total, assembled in the jewel of France to receive orders from United Nations and change the world.* The Paris Agreement was signed. My country of Canada is one of its first and foremost proponents, but it’s no reason for pride. We are taking aggressive action to deter this apocalyptic event fated to doom our globe for the last 10 or 20 or 30 years—the predictions have varied. And now that America’s iron guardian is out of office, now that President Biden [Harris] has assumed the American Throne, the USA has once again joined the UN’s crusade to save the Earth.

The Paris Accord is a legal treaty to eliminate or severely diminish climate change. The group’s primary goal is to steady the Earth’s temperature at no more than 2 degrees (preferably 1.5 degrees) above pre-industrial levels. They have vowed to accomplish this by whatever means necessary.

And so, nations are doing their part, or so they say. So serious is their public dedication and devotion to the cause that they are willing to trespass into the morally profane with the ends justifying any means. Master manipulation, captivating speeches, and a wealth of corruption subdue, like a beekeeper appeasing his colony with smoke, the people who otherwise might question the measures of climate control that include:

-Restructuring the flow of money.

-Enhancing private and public participation.

-Forcing “sustainable development.”

All of these sound rather innocent. “These restrictions could, after all,” say some, “be much more severe.”

2. A New Ethic

But now we’ve been ruled by a leader eager to fight climate change. Now Canadians know what it’s like submitting to a government resolute on earning their honour in the halls of climate change heroism. We can tell you what it’s like to live under such a government. It’s not good. The fallout of this fight is going to be very bad. The nature of the new agenda is sinister.

Entrenched in the Paris Agreement is a new and global ethic that, at least publicly, the collective countries of the accord claim to strive for. The progressive ethic we are coerced to idolize and believe is the preservation of the Earth. In fact, the Earth is not even to be “saved” for the improvement of our species, but because the Earth is itself—modern man worships it.

But rulers, or anyone for that matter, no matter how enlightened they are, cannot create a new ethic anymore than a bucket with holes can hold water. The only way to do so is by maiming the traditional morality they are now trying to tear down and manipulate it for their rule.

And that is what has happened. This new ethic of reducing climate change is nothing more than a sick perversion of the ancient morality these radicals claim to hate. They isolate a small section of classical morality and weaponize it for their purposes while simultaneously destroying its real meaning. For example, they read, “The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep [take care] it” (Genesis 2:15), neglect all other Scripture, and twist that one command to confidently say our purpose in life is to serve the Earth and not God.

Because these leaders have corrupted the old ethic, and because they are the architects of the new, the proponents of this future world concede the only way to reduce climate change is by total “economic and social transformation.”**

The UN has shown its hand. This accord is not an agreement to reduce climate change but to rewrite the whole of human nature and rebel against the God who created us. According to the designs of people we have never elected, a successful execution of the treaty engineers a wrong world, uniting the nations against a common antagonist, all while brainwashing society to follow the UN’s every whit and whim.

3. The Carbon tax

The Federal Government of Canada is eager to do its part and has heavily invested in this new ideology. One of the ways Prime Minister Trudeau has committed to reduce the amount of “damage” we inflict on the environment is by introducing a carbon tax (we are being taxed into oblivion). It was passed in 2019. The government’s intention is to encourage people to “go green,” make crude oil undesirable, and of course, save the planet.

But a couple of days ago, we received a report detailing that Canadians actually produced more carbon during the first year of the tax compared to the year before. Not only do we find ourselves poorer, but carbon emissions went up!*`

This is no surprise to any serious economist. Carbon [oil] is an inelastic good. We need to heat our homes in -40 temperates whether natural gas costs $1 or $2/gigajoule. Consumption of oil changes little compared to changes in price. So why make the people poorer for seemingly no reason? Why raise the price at the pumps so much if people won’t change their driving habits anyway?

C.S. Lewis thought that man was happier if he was of a freeborn mind.*`` I think he’s right. And man can only be of a freeborn mind, able to criticize the government and their actions, if he is economically independent. If a man can provide for himself, if he doesn’t require the state to meet his basic needs, he’s comfortable to say “what parliament is doing is right” or “what parliament is doing is wrong.” In a democracy, this holds our officials to the fire and justly scrutinizes their actions.

But if the man is destitute and reliant on the hydra of bureaucracy to provide for him and his family, what can he say? He is no longer free. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. The man will be slowly crushed into submission, forever thinking himself unworthy to resist government's tyrannical actions because he is forced to rely on them for something as fundamental as food. He will ascribe to their doctrines, welcome their salvation, and, though he be ashamed, come to admit that he requires their generosity to live.

So what used to be conspiracy is conspiracy no longer. Bankrupt a man, and they eliminate his ability to resist their rulership, however awful or cruel it might be. Destroy his dignity, sentence him to such poverty that his wife and children are starving, and the man will worship the ruler and any action his government takes in exchange for bread. What better way to force the whole population into such poverty, thereby achieving the economic and social transformation the Paris Accords demand, than by turning the otherwise bitter cup into a sweet concoction of moral duty?

* Unless otherwise stated, all information regarding the Paris Accords is found here

** See here

*` See the CBC article here

*``See C.S. Lewis "Willing Slaves of the Welfare State" available here

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