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What's Wrong With Canada? | Leadership

The wisdom of Scripture, increasingly rejected by our enlightened bureaucracy, details that “Where there is no guidance, a people falls. But in an abundance of counsellors, there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14). Make no mistake about it; Canada’s in a dire, desperate, perilous position. Our banking system teeters on the precipice of crisis, abuse and depression skyrockets, and though we're reassured we’re soon crossing into uplands of opening the country, a swarm of worry and unbelief torments our conscience.

If Scripture be trusted (for what else can we trust?), then let us volley our arrows of blame on two institutions: the pulpit and government. Their failure over the duration of this unprecedented time is marching Canada to total ruin. And it’s not as though this accusation is hypothesis or speculation. Even a short study of history, in any era, reinforces the already-concrete foundation of Scripture’s proverb that without a leader, the people are doomed. Or, worse yet, people under a wicked leader are damned.

Where does that leave you and me? Scrutinize our Prime Minister. Observe our premiers. Is there any gold underneath the meters of corrupt dross? Look at this recent photo incriminating Jason Kenney and members of his government dining and sipping scotch together on a roof; members who were silent as business owners lost their homes and their livelihoods due to the lockdowns of this legislature.*

That’s corruption. I’m confident to conclude almost all our leaders have failed, and that Canada, except for a miraculous and undeserved intervention of the Almighty God, will fall.

1. History

Some of the clearest examples detailing the consequences of leadership occur in the historical records of the Israelite kings. Split between Israel and Judah, over the veil of Hebrew dynasties, there were 42 kings and 1 queen. Only 7 “did right” according to the Lord.* The rest were wicked, evil, harbingers of harm against the people of Israel.

If we look at the unchallenged reign of King David or the righteous crown of King Josiah, let us be quick to note the state of the society. Where the rule was good, there lived righteousness. The people repented of their sins and returned to the Lord. Even the economics of the nation flourished. The Israelite’s hearts were full of generosity and thanksgiving, justice ruled the land, and those who committed unspeakable crimes were cut off from the city.

But what of the bad kings? What of those rulers who did evil because they didn’t seek the Lord? Their wickedness impacted generations. Think of all those who King Ahab martyred. Study the complacency and disobedience of the final few kings in the divorced kingdom and discover it was so sour in the stomach of God that He ordained the fall of their sceptres and subsequent captivity in Babylon and Assyria. Worst of all, remember that these unjust rulers, like Manasseh and his idolatrous worship, generally led their cities into sin.

2. Canada

So is it really any surprise that Canada’s present heading charts us to a dreadful destination? Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet do everything in their power to rebel against the Sovereign Lord and His righteousness. The Liberals champion abortion, they encourage frivolous spending, they’ve made clear that boys should be able to compete in women’s sports, and their allegiance is to the U.N. They reward sinful living and punish the righteous man. Sufficient to say, their entire term has been nothing less than legislating a revolution against nature—a nature God created.

And what about our premiers? Jason Kenney opened his trojan horse at the beginning of the lockdowns and threatened protestors, shut down churches, businesses, and funerals, and imprisoned pastors. Is this a province, a government, that the Lord should be willing to bless? What about Doug Ford? How much longer will the people of Ontario sit vaulted away in their homes? Don’t forget B.C. either, jailing a father whose name we are legally unable to mention, because he called his daughter “she.” Of course, we would be amiss to abstain from mentioning mayors like Patrick Brown who break their own laws only to justify it with a “whoops” or some other pathetic excuse. Are more examples necessary?

3. Solution

Is there a solution? Can we right this ship if it’s not already sunk? I think we can!

It’s impossible to escape the human aspect of leadership—it’s hardwired into our minds. Thus, removing the leader altogether is out of the question. But history is precise when it records that the greatest rulers and governments in history, the ones I’d want to live under, recognized there was something greater than themselves that they were serving. And not only did they acknowledge this fact, but they also put their money where their mouth was and surrounded themselves with wise advisors, instituted reforms restricting their power, and understood their human capacity to institute harm.

But here we are, right now, being ruled by politicians who believe themselves to be both Alpha and Omega. They appeal to no one, except perhaps (I do not know), to someone else pulling the strings. Everything they do, they declare right and legal. They appeal to no standard and justify their legislation on no objective standard but their own pleasures and will.

Instead, let us hold our elected officials to the fire of Scripture, scrutinizing their actions based on the dictums and commands of God. We must transform the politician’s office into a position where it pays to appeal to the standard that judges their throne. I’m not saying the Christian ought to institute a theocracy (by no means), but ideally, we would see the government’s role in society reduced to a “secretary” of God, administering their duties as ambassadors of justice and order by obeying the fundamental principles of lawful governance by protecting me from harm by my fellow man. And then, perhaps, the country, or the province, might rally to righteousness.

* For a short chart explaining this, see here

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