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Vaccine Passports Are Marxist

Today, Alberta formally introduces its vaccine passport. Here is Jason Kenney’s post about it:

Let us not be deceived by the eagerness and excitement Kenney and his government flaunt with this new command. It forces upon business an ultimatum:

Enforce vaccine passports for your customers, or reduce your operating capacity to a 1/3 of what it should be, which spells certain doom in this struggling economy.

We have already discovered and discussed why vaccine passports are terrible, horrible, inhuman things. From discrimination to preparing for AntiChrist to treating sickness as crime, it is plain that the passport is pushed by bureaucrats with more criminal intentions than some of the worst convicts. But there is another reason I think the passports are deadly—they are Marxist.

Granted, "Marxism" is an easy term lately, and as such, we are careful to invoke any comparison between an action introduced by government and an explicitly Marxist action itself, but in this case, I think the parallel is warranted.

Marxism operates with the assumption that there are two classes in society: the Oppressed and the Oppressors. During the day of Marx, the oppressed were classified as the working class, and oppressors were classified as “fat-cat” capitalists. Marx argued that the nexus of economic power was concentrated in the few hands of the ultra-rich.

But not anymore. In fact, society today seems to think the opposite is true. The ultra-rich: democrats, big businesses, celebrities, are championed as furthering the goals of socialism and not hampering them. Instead, with the introduction of the vaccine passport, the oppressed are vaccinated, and the oppressors are unvaccinated. The mere introduction of the passport implies the vaccinated need to be protected against the unvaccinated…that the oppressed need protection from the oppressors. What other reason (on the surface at least) would we have one? Certainly not for the good of businesses—many of them are going to hurt very badly due to this legislation.

But I do not think they will hurt as badly as the unvaccinated will (if resistance is not generated). We have studied history; we know what Marxist ideology impressed on the people is capable of. Because what, after all, is the goal of the Marxist ideology, if not the total extirpation of the oppressors from society? This is accomplished by forcing the unvaccinated, through the exclusion of human activity, to comply and get vaccinated, or…well, who knows how far this will go. But we must remember that we are not so moral, we are not such angels, that we are incapable of committing atrocities. Our government already does so with abortion and euthanasia; do we dare wonder who’s next?

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