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Trudeau Cares More About Ukraine's Borders Than He Does Our Own

Here's a peculiar paradox: Our Canadian government couldn't care to control our country's borders, but for some reason, they want to help control the borders of Ukraine. When Canadian truckers protest in Ottawa, our government unleashes the Emergencies Act and locks down the capital like a military operation. But when thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers flood our country, the feds are suddenly neutered and left unable to do anything at all.

Strange, isn't it?

Not really. Our government accommodates everyone except their own citizens. They give more aid to the Ukrainian government than they do to our veterans. We couldn't leave the country without a special, Orwellian, passport, but now, random men and women can enter it whenever they please.

Therefore, I conclude that the Russian strategy, if your aim is to invade Ukraine,* is entirely incorrect. If the Russians really want to invade without resistance, all they should do is declare themselves asylum seekers and immigrants, and they'll be able to walk into Ukraine without a fight. At least, that's what our western governments would allow; that's what they're allowing right now.

The more explicit the west's involvement in Ukraine is, the more it seems like we're advancing toward war. I'm not saying our nation will institute a draft, but if I were given two options from our Federal Government—either to fight on the Ukrainian front or go to prison for being a draft dodger—I guess I'm starting a Bible study in jail. How am I supposed to fight under the Prime Minister when the Prime Minister doesn't fight for me? How am I supposed to march for a government that eagerly imprisoned innocent and peaceful protestors? How am I supposed to tie up my boots for battle when the American Commander-In-Chief can't tie up his own shoes?

Our country is our home. Begrudgingly, our government is the head of that home. It's a good thing for a father to be charitable towards others, but it becomes a bad thing if he's charitable towards others at the expense of his family. If he forsakes his family's needs in the name of being charitable towards others, it turns out that it's his family who needs the charity. If he fails to provide for his family while he's trying to feed the poor, his family becomes part of the poor he's trying to feed.

Likewise, a government's duty is to its people first. They're not elected to serve foreign dominions, but domestic ones. I'm not saying our government should provide for us, but they do have an obligation to discharge the tasks appointed to them by their voters and the rule of law. The problem with Justin Trudeau is that he's made up his own laws (and perhaps his own voters, for all we know) to follow.

It's really no wonder why our government perpetually involves itself in this confusing war. After all, governments—democratic and non-democratic alike—thrive on war. I mean that in two different ways:

1. Although our leaders deny it to be true, they use war as a sacrificial lamb to make public atonement for their sins of the past, while also justifying their sins of the future. If they made a bad decision in the past (and they've made plenty), they cover it by using the war in Europe, and the "extraordinary measures it made our government take," as an excuse. Or, if they know consumer pain will increase in the future because of the Bank's monetary disrespect, our government can say, "Because of the war in Russia, we expect Canadian consumers to suffer for a little longer."

2. Not only does war disguise the gravity of government sins, but it allows government to increase their power to a frightening degree. For example, a small, minuscule, non-invasive, tax called "Income tax" was introduced in Canada in 1917 to help finance WWI.** However, when the war ended, it turned out the government didn't want to relinquish the income tax. Thus, what started as painless became a federal hydra that, currently, no one can control.

I'm not saying what's happening in Ukraine is desirable or good. I'm not saying what Russia is doing is right. Of course, I'm saying neither of those things. Instead, I'm saying that Canadians have problems too. We have our own consuming problems of inflation, unemployment, fuel costs, immigration, and the housing crisis. Our government wasn't elected to serve the people of Europe, or the country of Ukraine, but the people of Canada and all her domestic citizens.

Isn't it odd? If the election was legit, the Canadian people voted for Trudeau, but Canadians are the last people Trudeau decides to serve. Our government can't stop a few thousand unarmed immigrants, but I guess they can help stop thousands of armed soldiers. Trudeau promised sunny ways, but with his "We want war!" foreign policy, he now threatens to help paint the sky the radioactive grey of atomic ash.

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*Obviously, I'm not saying Russia should invade Ukraine, or that what they're doing is right.



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