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This Is What It Means To Be Canadian On Canada Day

Like you, I’m told Canada is a progressive country. I’m also told unless I’m progressive, I’m not a true Canadian.


What a ridiculous thing to say. After all, it’s not like progressives are protecting Canada and Canadian culture. Instead, they’re tearing Canada and Canadian culture down.


Think about it. How can progressives claim to love Canadian culture when they simultaneously argue there is no Canadian culture? How can they claim to cherish Canada when they’re working their hardest to destroy that which makes Canada, Canada – like a Judeo-Christian system of law – in the name of tolerance and love?

Justin Trudeau says, “There is no core identity in Canada,” but isn’t that a core identity? As a country, to say you have “no identity” is an identity, and what a sad identity it is. Under the leadership (or lack of it) of this Liberal government, we’re transforming into a nameless, shapeless, empty, shadow of a nation that once we used to be.


Isn’t that what progressives want? They demand we accept and embrace every culture and call them Canadian until there is no Canadian culture left.


And that’s the farthest thing from what it means to be Canadian, isn’t it?


Unlike what Mr. Trudeau says, we do have a culture, and we’re unashamed of it. We do have a history, and although it’s far from perfect (what country’s history is perfect?), our fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, make us proud.


In them is the humility, sweat, and tears, that make Canadians who we are today. It’s our pride and joy to be called an enigma, for we’re the perfect blend of friendliness and ferocity.


No one wants to fight us in times of war (just ask our adversaries in World War I or II), yet everyone wants to be our friend in times peace. Most countries go too far one way or the other. Some countries are too imperialistic and brutal, while other countries are too weak and pacifist.


But not Canada. At least, not Canada as it’s meant to be.


I can’t explain this harmony. I don’t know if anyone can. But we can reduce what it means to be Canadian on Canada Day to a phrase:

I don’t love Canada because it’s perfect. I love Canada because it’s mine, and not, as Justin Trudeau and other progressives claim, everyone else's.

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1 Comment

Well said, Tanner. Happy Canada Day and make the Lord heal our land.

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