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Yes, This Election's Important, But What About The Election For Your Soul?

This election’s important, but it’s not nearly as important as the election of our souls. In fact, if we cared half as much for our the election souls as we do the election of our political leaders, we’d boast the most righteous nation in the world.

We tend to blame our current problems and tribulations on modern politicians, and in certain cases, rightfully so. Many—if not most—of our leaders are corrupted to the core and pass evil policies like inflation, MAiD, taxation, and progressivism, that harm our society.

But in reality, our politicians pass these appalling policies because they’re sinners, just like the rest of us.

They love to champion all of their grand accomplishments and say, “I can save you from inflation! Vote for me and I’ll save you from the evils of the party that’s running against me!” But never once have I heard a single politician say, “Vote for me and I can save you from death! Vote for me and I can save you from sin.”

None of them can promise that, or ever have, because they’re also sinners, subject to death like everyone else.

Therefore, while it’s absolutely true that, for example, Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau's platforms are hideous and unjust, no one will be able to say at God’s judgment, “I’m not saved because Rachel Notley made me attend a progressive parade,” or, “I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ because Justin Trudeau called Christianity ‘oppressive.’”

Instead the sinner’s condemnation will be his own; he’ll be without excuse. All his pitiful attempts to justify his sin on the shoulders of any politician or party will go unheard and unrecognized by Almighty God. And, as his sentence is notarized by The King of Kings, the sinner will have no one to blame for his eternal anguish but himself.

Let a man search every single Scripture; he will not find a single inscription of Jesus Christ saying, “Put all your faith and hope in Caesar.”

Instead, the Scriptures record Jesus Christ crying out to the masses of the world and saying, “Put all your faith and hope in Me,” for even the most despotic tyrants were eventually overthrown and forgotten in the catalogues of history, but Jesus Christ lives forever, and if we care about the election of our souls and are saved by grace through faith, so too shall we.

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