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The More I Learn About Environmentalism, The More Evil I Think It Is | COP26

The environmentalist movement is uncivilized and anti-civilization. By their own admission, protestors attending COP26 want to restructure our society into the architecture of their fearful conjure.*

1. Deceit

Government education hammered into our minds that environmentalists care about the Earth, and oil barons don’t. Class after class composed a gentle and peaceful image of green-peace protestors while painting oil companies in black and blood. Oil, we were instructed, was a “necessary evil” that was growing in influence and needed to be extinguished. The environmentalists were promoted fearless defenders against oil’s expanding empire. They were hailed as compassionate and moral, while oil executives were ruthless capitalists who would char us in coal soot if it meant they could earn another dollar.

But radical-environmentalists are not heroes; they are not benevolent. They are not gentle or kind (just listen to their speeches). They’re angry, vitriolic, unhinged, ideologues, and they exploit fossil fuels and pseudo-science to advance their agenda.

Oil is not a necessary evil; it’s a wonderful good. It has prolonged, improved, and saved the lives of not millions, but billions. Of course, if you attended COP26, you’d solemnly conclude we were on the precipice of collapse.

2. Extremists

The summit was not one of dignitaries, but extremists. If you could peer past the cruise ships, dozens of private jets, President Biden’s 86 car motorcade, and everything else powered not by solar or wind, but oil, you might’ve caught a glimpse of tens of thousands of protestors cheering that we must wage war against climate change. But the thing about war is that it’s brutal. Men commit egregious atrocities in the name of “goodness” in the heat of battle. Why should we expect anything different if we’re locked in combat against climate change? Greta Thunberg said, “It should be obvious that we cannot solve a crisis with the same methods that got us into it in the first place. And more and more people are starting to realize this.”

What more would she have us do? The only thing left is force, coercion, and violence. I have no doubt, if presented the opportunity, they’ll employ that measure. Climate change is a “war,” after all.

3. Children

Dr. Joe Vipond’s daughter was spotted holding a sign that said, “Sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to change the world.”

And she’s right. They are trying to change the world, but not for the better. Many men in past millennia tried to do the same, and when they succeeded, an odious reign of terror ensued.

What’s peculiar about this summit is that no facts were presented. Before I wage war, I want to know I’m actually fighting an enemy. But little to no proof of climate change was mentioned. There were no studies about the efficiency (or lack thereof) of solar and wind power. I read nothing about the advantages of cutting off coal or natural gas, and learned nothing about how Germany (one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world) pays 32 cents/kWh for power.** Isn’t that strange, considering the evidence is supposedly overwhelming that climate change is a real and present danger? Why not prove it?

Perhaps most concerning is the concentration of children present at COP26. Young protesters are taught, not to think for themselves and look at facts, but to worship radical fools in government and take their alarmism as gospel. Isn’t it sad to see young children so rife with rage? A six-year-old named “Arlo” said, “If climate change keeps going on, our planet Earth will die.”

Who scares their children like that? And his fear isn’t even based on truth!

All of this is nothing more than brainwashing to train a new legion of unthinking, mindless, ideological soldiers. Make no mistake. Our war is not against climate change, but against the imposition of a Marxist state, and the zone of battle is becoming very hot.

*All quotes and information have been citied from this article:


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