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The Canadian Government Is Totally Deranged

The Canadian Government is totally, absolutely, undeniably, verifiably deranged. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Emergencies Act

Everyone knows the Emergencies Act (EA) is now the law of the land. Granted, “law of the land” is the wrong term to employ considering the EA is an unjust law and is, therefore, no law at all.

Nevertheless, the government deferred to Postmodernism (a theory wholly incongruent with reality) to justify their draconian actions. The EA was imposed because the protesters were disrupting the lives of Ottawa citizens (I wonder what the veracity of that charge is). But the disruption of civilian life tells us nothing about whether an action is right or wrong. For example, it would’ve been preferable that the people of Russia disrupted every Russian household for five years in protest vs. living under a protracted communist rule of the cruelest comrades.

What the government should have done, if they were honest, is asked themselves the question, “Are the protests right? Are they justified? If they did so, the Liberals might've discovered the protestors are not terrorists, and they are not insurrectionists. Their protest was entirely peaceful, and no one was physically harmed by their presence—quite the opposite, in fact.

Thus, after searching the objective law and discovering that the protests were peacefully demonstrating for what is actually good (rights and freedoms), the government could've engaged the appropriate elimination of restrictions. Instead, as always, it seems, they did what was wrong.

2. Hitler

Yesterday, Liberal MP Ya'ara Saks stated in the House:

“How many guns need to be seized? How much vitriol do we have to see of 'Honk Honk' – which is an acronym for 'heil Hitler' – do we need to see on social media?”*

This is not an isolated accusation from the Liberal caucus. Justin Trudeau often labels Conservatives Nazis as well (even to MPs who are Jewish!).**

The government’s frequency of comparing protestors and free Canadians to Hitler is appalling. It’s cruel, inhumane, and it desecrates the names, families, and individual Canadians who cherish freedom and law with all their hearts.

The fact is, arguing that supporters of the convoy want to resurrect the odious apparatus of a Fascist regime reveals a cognitive dissonance so extraordinary it’s almost pitiful. It doesn’t even deserve a response, let alone recognition. We don’t engage in such debate because radicals in government cannot be reasoned with

3. Economy

The Canadian economy is wounded, and her injuries are critical. She is drowning, being pulled under the waves of globalism by Trudeau’s welfare state.

Of course, we hear, “The truckers are ruining the country! They are stopping the flow of goods! They are increasing the strain on the supply shortage!”

Really? And I suppose the x number of pipelines and equipment blown up or destroyed in just the past five years are inconsequential, too?

There is one institution to blame for inflation.

There is one initiation to blame for the housing market.

There is one institution to blame for the price of fuel.

There is one institution to blame for the banks experiencing runs.

The Canadian Government is to blame for our economy. The reasons for this are plain, but we don’t have time to discuss them in this article (see my previous entries for the facts!). Nevertheless, the fact remains; to deny all of these realities, as the Canadian Government is currently doing, is not only flagrantly false, it’s insane.

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