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Ottawa's Police Are Hunting Families On Family Day

The Ottawa police are hunting Canadian citizens. Here’s what their dispatch said on Twitter:

“If you [protestors in Ottawa] are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges.”*

Ottawa’s interim chief of police, Steve Bell, said, “You have my commitment that that investigation will continue and we will hold people accountable for taking our streets over.”

It’s plain that Bell and the Ottawa Police Force are violating the high entrusted hopes and respect the public normally extends to the police. After all, they are to serve and protect the innocent in a way that does not infringe our rights or freedoms.

That is, the officer is not permitted to break into our homes arbitrarily and search for things (they seem to be calling more and more things “weapons” these days) that might endanger us. If an officer trespasses in such a way, it’s not so much that he would be rescuing us from danger as it is that becomes the danger.

Of course, we must remember that police officers are human beings, too. I am very grateful to have a police force—I know officers myself. I have nothing for them and their job but admiration and respect.

Some officers are extraordinarily courageous, some are exceedingly honourable, but all of them are fallen men and women, just like the rest of us. All policemen, like all artists, teachers, rig-workers, and professors, are corrupted individuals with sinful natures.

It is precisely because of our fall that we need police officers. They are necessary to enforce the law that restrains the physical manifestations of sin against others (i.e., breaking the law) in order to facilitate a free society.

But now we are navigating a police force that is no longer serving, but is instead oppressing and harassing, we who believe in freedom and are protesting for it. The only “sin” (I hesitate to call it that because it wasn’t sin at all) the protesters in Ottawa committed was honking their horns and blocking the roads in peaceful protest. Nonetheless, like ravenous wolves chasing wounded prey, Bell and the more “eager” members of his force are working to ensure the protestors “are held to account.”

This seems to be characteristic of not only our age, but our broken country. How many pedophiles have their bank accounts frozen? How many sex offenders are blacklisted at their financial institutions and unable to pay their bills? Our “laws” increasingly protect the criminal and ceases to protect the innocent. In this, already, the protests are entirely justified.

Classically, we grant the state a moral obligation and right to protect us—administering life in prison or death penalties are permitted if required. This obligation is not derived from ourselves, but from the objective law of Scripture. If my neighbour stole my car, I do not hunt him down because I understand the state (police) will do it for me and serve him proper justice.

However, when the government (in this case, the police force and Ottawa) is unwilling to protect us and instead begins to persecute us, Canadians start asking the question, “The state increases my burden, but my security is taken away…why should we continue like this?”

How long can Mr. Trudeau expect Canadians to tolerate this oppression? I am not, of course, advocating for violence, but am merely observing that people are being pushed to their limits. However, if a family decides to stand, in this case, protesting in Ottawa, they will be prosecuted for it…not because protesting is unjust, but because it threatens the power of the House of Parliament.

Let every man decide what he must do regarding this impending tyranny. Let no one surrender to what they know is wrong or refuse to engage in what they know is right. In any capacity, as our government and some police forces advance upon us, it’s time to take up the personal anthem, “Be ye men of valour.”

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