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Yea, I have A New Year’s Resolution: Fight Tyranny

1. Resolution

New Year's Resolutions are fun for the celebratory first week or two. While our affairs wear a hopeful aspect, we look at our goals of losing weight, working out, eating healthier, and drinking less coffee, like mountains ripe to be conquered. It’s a prevailing tradition that, though it usually fizzles out by the 15th of January, is enjoyed by many.

2. Oppression

But the problem is that there’s an obtrusive and crushing obstacle in our way of enjoying those resolutions. Bloated bureaucracy crushes us with oppressive walls and heavy blockades:

-We are not free to shop without masks

-We are not free (legally) to see all the families we want

-We are not free to get a job without a vaccine

-We are not free to send our children to school (they’re closed)

-We are not free to go to restaurants without a vaccine or negative Covid test

-We are not free to go to hockey games without a vaccine or negative Covid test

-We are not free to see our loved ones in hospital (that mandate, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the most appalling crimes of this government)

-We are not free to act like free human beings made in the image of God

Simply, we are subject to tyranny, under tyranny, and oppressed by tyranny. And like an infection in the body overwhelming the immune system’s defenses, it isn’t going away on its own with time. Politicians are comfortable with this amount of power, though they certainly crave more; it’s ignorant folly to think they’ll surrender their powers when this “crisis” has abated.

3. Victory

Thus, our New Year’s Resolution is simple:

To fight for freedom.

We resolve to defend our home and our province with all strength and hope, understanding that men are nothing compared to the Almighty God who charts our course. We are not only going to ride out this storm of oppression but see to its exhaustion entirely; that is our aim.

We are not content with a defensive war, so to say. I have no desire to keep begging our government to release us from these restrictions. We have a duty to our children, and our children’s children, to rebuild the cause of justice in our land.

Let us, therefore, adopt novel methods, ingenious tactics, and brilliant strategies thought out by honest and just men and women to ensure our victory this year. We must never forget the assurances of a majority of the people pushing against the sins of an unjust government.

That is our New Year’s resolution—to conquer this tyranny that now oppresses us and return to the rule of law. We will not let this resolution “fizzle” out in a week or two—we will carry on as long as necessary. Because if we don’t, if we become content to let our masters subject us to injustice, I fear we shall descend into the madness of the 60s Soviet Union, where New Year's resolutions were never uttered for fear that a secret police was recording every word.

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1 opmerking

02 jan. 2022

I whole-heartedly agree with "adopt novel methods, ingenious tactics, and brilliant strategies". This has been very lacking and likely due to so many fringe groups on various platforms - we lack a champion to unite all us warriors.

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