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A Federal Minister Just Called The Taliban "Our Brothers."

Our Federal Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Maryam Monsef, just called the Taliban “our brothers.”*


The Taliban, a nefarious organization composed of savage and cruel men, brutalize Afghanistan, subjecting the people to every kind of torment and torture imaginable, and Maryam Monsef has the audacity to refer to them as “our brothers?”

She was quick to defend the Freudian slip by saying it was a cultural reference. And don’t worry, Global News was quick to defend her by saying “alt-right pundits”** are the ones who criticize the comments. Of course, we’re not “alt-right” at all. We’re concerned men and women, fathers and mothers and children, who are rightfully worried about the state of freedom in our country.

And where is Trudeau? Here he is, waiting in the open to cancel the career of any man or woman who dares employ the wrong pronoun in Parliament, and yet he simultaneously tolerates the rhetoric of calling the world’s most infamous terrorist organization “our brothers.”

This debacle becomes even more outrageous and shameful as we listen to Monsef politely ask the Taliban to “ensure the safe and secure passage of any individual in Afghanistan out of the country.” Watch the video below:

Again, is this real? Is our government, so spineless and tolerant, actually trying to reason with terrorists possessed by every legion of demon Asmodeus can offer? Is this Canada’s strength? To ask a terrorist organization to act within the laws of human dignity and value?

Explaining her comments, Monsef said:

“Rest assured, I continue to believe deeply that the Taliban are a terrorist organization.”

“Yet they’ve claimed to be Muslims,” she said. “We are calling on them to immediately cease the violence, the femicide, the genocide, the rapes, the lootings and to return immediately to the peace negotiation table in an inclusive and meaningful way.

“If they will ever be recognized as a legitimate party, this is the starting point,” she added, “the reference to brothers is a cultural reference, of course.”*`

Who would even contemplate ever recognizing this organization as a legitimate government? Shall we absolve them of their murders, terror, assaults, and sinister crimes if one day they just up and stopped (they won’t)?

But no amount of logic or argument can change the Liberal government’s mind. There is only one political recourse actionable to absolve Canada of this government.

Vote them out.

** See "*" citation

*` This entire explanation, beginning with "Rest assured" and concluding with "of course" was cited from the Toronto Star here and has not been altered in any way.

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