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I Read The Liberal Platform So You Don't Have To

I read the Liberal platform, so you don’t have to, and it was a slog. It’s a lengthy document, almost 90 pages, rife with progressivism, political correctness, and other promises aimed at the destruction of western values and society. Their policies are so bad that if the Liberals are re-elected and achieve even 10% of what they promise to do, we will face perhaps the gravest period in our history.

There are nine main sections in the document:*

  1. Finishing the Fight Against COVID-19

  2. Build a Better Canada, For Everyone

  3. A more Resilient Economy

  4. An Equal Canada, For Everyone

  5. A Cleaner, Greener Future

  6. Moving Forward On Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples

  7. A Stronger Canada

  8. A Plan For Fairness And Growth

  9. Disability Statement

But the Liberals first define their objective by stating, “Forward. For Everyone.”

Forward? Forward towards what? For we do not want to move another inch if we are teetering on the precipice of tyranny and authoritarian rule. One more step “forward,” and we’d plunge off the cliff of freedom and into the sea of socialist ruin, suffering injurious consequences.

By using the term “forward” positively, as the Liberals have done, they assume we should march towards a goal (whatever it is) that's better or “more good” than what we have now. But how can they make such assumptions? Aren’t they progressives? Ethics and values that are vogue today might not be tomorrow. Morality, in their eyes, is always in flux, ready to evolve with society. What they call “modern” in this decade might be regarded as “oppressive” in the next. Thus, Liberals do not so much push forward as they do float. They do not stand on solid ground, but on sand.

1. Health And Safety

But give credit where credit is due. The Liberals immediately remedy this problem by excluding morality altogether. They say that “Leadership should always be about putting peoples’ health and safety first.” If that were true (which it’s not), morality would be moot.

Take, for example, vaccines. We know Trudeau wants to make vaccinations mandatory for public transport and travel and that he wants to require proof vaccination for non-essential businesses and public spaces. He says so in this same document.

But what are vaccines? On their own, they are neither moral nor immoral. Taken by themselves, they are amoral. If I looked at a loaded needle, all I’d see is a glass with some liquid in it. There is nothing inherently evil about the liquid, and there is nothing inherently good about it either. Liquids cannot possess these properties. It just is.

So when Trudeau orders that vaccines must be mandatory to ride on public transit because it increases the safety of Canadians, he no longer has to appeal to morality and justice, as a government is supposed to do. They force vaccine passports, not because they’re just or moral, but because they’re safe. They champion abortion, not because it’s right (it isn’t), but because it’s “healthy.” And now, they want to segregate the unvaccinated and the vaccinated, not because it’s legal, but because it’s scientific.

On this view, the stubborn enemies of progressive ideology—right and wrong, good and evil, righteous and wicked—no longer exist. Only “health, safety, and science.”


Liberals are famous for their appetite to spend money, but this document presents an overwhelming menu of government-funded programs unlike anything before it. In every section, hundreds of millions of dollars are guaranteed for new projects, accumulating to create a proposed budget in the 10s of billions. But with each program (and the money that accompanies it), it’s important to note that the economic independence of a man is substantially reduced. And with it, he hands over more control of his life to bureaucrats, for he dares not bite the hand that feeds him, even if that hand is government’s, drenched in slime and filth from backdoor deals and corrupted motives.

Oh, and of course, they must answer the question: How would we finance these programs? Only two ways:

  1. Taxes

  2. Printing money (which is tax through inflation).

3. Gender and Diversity

In every section, the Liberals make sure to virtue signal and include gender, diversity, and equality, in their assessments.

I suppose there’s nothing inherently wrong with this (except the fact that much of what they say is false). I too, can research the data and discover that “Women make up most of the front-line health care, long-term care, child care, and education workforce….” It’s what they do with that data that’s concerning.

For example, the liberals state that there are more female nurses than males, and then justify their platform based on that fact. But they never explain why,

1. The said fact is undesirable


2. Why they must remedy it.

It’s like saying, “The sky is blue, so we have introduced a program to make it green.” But why should the sky be green at all? Perhaps the sky is blue because it’s naturally so.

By stating, “The workforce is not diverse enough” and then creating projects to remedy that reality, the Liberals are appealing to a system of values. It might be that a specific workforce isn’t diverse, but we must ask the question, “Why must it be diversified?”

The Liberals will reply, “Because diversity is good.” But where do they get “good” from? We are back to the problem of morality from the start. They are progressives and reject objective law. How can they say what “good” is when they look to “health and safety”—terms that transcend “good and bad”—to legislate? Besides, what is scientific about diversity? What is safe about it? Why do they force vaccines because they’re “safe” and force equality because it’s “right?” They must choose one or the other.

Of course, they don’t. So Liberals legislate what they think is good based on their subjective opinions and feelings. Always, as they say, “Working for the good of Canadians. Our interests are the interests of Canada. These policies are for the benefit of all.”

But remember,

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. -C.S. Lewis

*Any quotes or facts, in this article, unless otherwise stated, were researched and cited from the Liberal Platform available here

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