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Gondek's Calgary | Let Them Freeze In The Dark

Alberta’s GDP violently contracted 7.9% last year.* We suffered some of the most intense economic pangs across the country, and we’re still engaged in a serious struggle. But all of that’s inconsequential compared to the imminent climate emergency that’s terrorized our society for the last 50 years, isn’t it?

That’s why I’m grateful that the mayor of Calgary, Joyti Gondek, paving a new moral road and steering us towards righteousness, made a motion to introduce a climate emergency in her city today.**

Because when you think about it, the tragic reality that families in Canada’s Detroit are foreclosing their homes isn't a pressing concern. Sure the housing market is unsustainably inflated in Calgary, sure it’s higher than anywhere else in the province, sure it’s becoming more expensive to live, and low-income housing increases in demand,*` but is that really a problem the mayor should concern herself with? After all, it doesn’t matter if one lives in a ten-bedroom mansion, a bungalow, a duplex, or an apartment. If the climate is burning up (or perhaps cooling…whatever one the experts declare today), who cares where you live! If Calgary doesn’t act now, the mountains will collapse, earthquakes will roar, ash will blizzard-like snow, and the Bow River will stagnate.

Oh, and the fact that entrepreneurs and oil companies are fleeing the city and province? What of it? We detest their “dirty oil” anyway. Let them construct their headquarters of enterprise in America. Calgary has no room for “greedy capitalists and corporate businessmen”—greedy socialists and ravenous politicians have taken their place.

And I suppose, after somber reflection, it’s actually a good thing Calgary’s downtown lights are going out. I used to gaze upon them at night and feel a sad compunction as I saw more and more flicker into the dark, but not anymore. An extinguished downtown means that offices aren’t being used, and if offices aren’t being used, they don’t have to be heated as warm to keep people comfortable. More than that, because the lights are habitually off, the power consumption of those high-rises decreases. These measures are eco (but not economically)-friendly.

Actually, if the mayor is so serious about her crusade (and I think she is), why not cap the temperature that Calgarians can heat their homes in the winter? 16 degrees should suffice, shouldn’t it? The pipes don’t freeze at that temperature, and sweaters and blankets can be bundled to keep people warm. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but we all have to do our part in fighting this (still) invisible enemy.

I admit I was pretty confident that Gondek would forcefully impress a woke agenda on the city, but now that it’s really happening, I can breathe a sigh of relief. What would we do without her radical-leftist dogma? You know, the one that claims a superior moral self-righteousness claiming everything is peaceful and loving and gentle in their envisioned utopia while they’re presently rife with rage and anger and malice? That’s the one. It’s the ideology of those who scream you and I are “racist, sexist, bigoted, inconsiderate, intolerant, imbeciles” for disagreeing with their opinion.

And thank heavens they do so! Without that revelation, we might still be drowning in our ignorance! If these environmentalists didn’t continuously hold summits and protests, and conferences, I might not know there’s an emergency at all. The crops have been tremendous the last 15 years (save for this one); the winters are still cold, the summers are still hot, and the rain still falls. Without ideologues’ alarmism, I might live in abject bliss regarding the state of the climate. But thanks to people like Gondek, now I don’t because,

Whoever attends a climate conference is righteously fighting climate change.

How then shall they fight a battle in which they do not believe?

How shall they believe in what they have not heard?

And How shall they hear without an eco-Marxist screaming our world’s about to collapse?

As I continue on this journey of enlightenment, I am learning to trust government more. Before, I was highly skeptical of anything they did, but who am I kidding? I don’t need facts or figures or proofs when my politician says climate change is real (which is a good thing because they can’t provide them); I just need blind faith! Granted, if I place my faith in Christ (the Son of God who explicitly demonstrated the reasons for putting faith in Him), I’m ridiculed as a fool, but it doesn’t matter because climate's the issue of the day.

And lastly, we can’t neglect the global participation Gondek privileges Calgary to partake in. Here I was, worried that we would be excluded from the 2030 agenda and the 2050 race to zero emissions, but I’m relieved to see we’re still influenced by Schwab, the G7, COP26, and the revived Babylon. How awful it would be to be excommunicated from such powerful empires!

Thus, I’m grateful, and very happy to know that Gondek's declaring a climate emergency. And now that she’s pleading to take part in the global “Covenant of Mayors, Resilient Cities Network, and Race To Zero,”*`` we can sleep well knowing the City of Calgary is eco-friendly (whatever that means). Is the city thriving? Certainly not. It’s bleeding out. But in the name of saving the environment (not lives), we must train ourselves to chant the anthem of the environmentalist:

“I own nothing, and I am happy.”


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1 Comment

Nov 12, 2021

Do you remember the good ole days when we could afford a roast beef dinner on Sundays? This is the next big fight we are going to be forced into. Fighting against all the restrictions on meat. Pretty soon they will be shutting down the power grid and the gas On Purpose. We Only have Christ Jesus to save us!

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