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Jason Kenney Beware, Your Lies Are Catching Up To You.

It was my privilege to speak at two events last weekend:

  1. The Alberta Unity Project’s rally at a beautiful venue in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

  2. The UCP’s AGM at the Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary.

Upon reflection of both of them, I concluded that while the dwindling body of the UCP is weakened by insurrection and marred by corrupted decay, a free and fresh movement is capturing momentum, fighting for justice, and is preparing to plant the banner of the liberated over the ruins of Kenney’s capital.*

For example, No one can deny that the UCP’s AGM was a kangaroo meeting. It did not reflect the sentiment of Albertans but of a few self-interested donors who, for a variety of reasons (probably very rich reasons), ensure that Jason Kenney retains power. But honest institutions like Rebel News managed to breach the false wall of support as asked our Premier enlightening questions.** Compare his responses with the platform of the AUP.

1. Mandatory Vaccinations

The first question Rebel News asked Kenney was his position on the mandatory vaccinations imposed upon us. His response dismissed the question entirely and argued:

“The restriction and exemption program in no way constitutes a mandatory vaccination. It applies to discretionary activities that are not necessary for the exercise of basic life.”


Either Kenney has isolated himself from reality and really believes working at a job, providing for a family, going to school, eating at restaurants, and allowing patrons into your business without discriminating against them—all things that demand a passport—aren’t essential qualities of life, or he’s unapologetically lying and is unable to discern reality from fantasy.

More than that, he’s acting like living with the “exercise of basic life” is a satisfactory thing! He’s content to have us “live” (that is, if you call it “living”) floating around like purposeless amoebas. What kind of life is that?

In contrast, the AUP’s message on the weekend, as it has been from the beginning, was simple:

-No passports.

-No government has the justification for denying a man inherent rights because he disagrees with politicized experts.

-Law is the basis for legislation. Freedom and liberty are our aims.

2. The vaccination of Children

Kenney proceeded to promise Rebel News that there was no need to make vaccines mandatory for children because younger ages pose no threat to overwhelming hospitals.

But neither do I! And neither do you, most probably. The overwhelming majority have fantastic and splendid defences against Covid-19, and as such, pose minimal problems for the health system (the numbers prove it). According to Kenney’s logic (that children don’t need mandatory vaccinations because the risk of severe outcomes is rare), I shouldn’t be required a vaccination, either. And yet, here we are.

The AUP’s message, again, is simple:

-No mandatory vaccinations. A person deserves to choose whether they want to be vaccinated or not.

-A person’s body is not Caesar’s property.

3. Freedom

Thus, while I observed a fractured caucus at the UCP’s convention, I also enjoyed the congregation of justice and freedom at Medicine Hat! With warm smiles and inviting conversation, hundreds of people congregated as humans should and generously provided new ideas for a brighter future in our province. There is a definite and unmistakable difference in the spirit of the AUP and the UCP—one is free, the other is not—, and if I were Jason Kenney, I would sit and contemplate, “How much longer can I veil my lies?”

*Admittingly, I only spoke at the UCP's Sunday Morning Service. The people who attended it were wonderful, and very godly. This article does not reflect that atmosphere of that service, or the members present in it, but of the temperature of the UCP AGM as a whole.

**Listen to Kenney's responses here!

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1 Comment

Nov 22, 2021


It’s not only Kenny that betrayed us. It’s EVERY person, EVERY MLA, that Allowed Kenny to postpone the leadership review until next April.

The MLAs think we’ll just blame Kenny and they’ll be off the hook.BUT now we know that the UCP does not represent us or care what we think.WE have to be the grownups in the room and WALK AWAY FROM THIS PARTY for good. It’s the only way! There is no one in it that gives a damn what we think or want AND that is not going to change no matter what we say or do .WILDROSE is our only option. Let us get behind them now.We need to cancel our UCP MEMBERSHIPS…

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