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We Need More James Reimers In Our World

We need more men and women like James Reimer and Ivan Provorov. We need them now more than ever, not because progressives are so massive in number, but because they use their voices to make it sound like they are.

There’s a difference between forced speech and forced silence. Forced silence is bad enough, but forced speech is sinister. It’s wrong to silence a man teaching 2+2=4, but it’s malevolent to make him teach that 2+2=5. Silencing his belief that 2+2=4 is censorship; forcing him to say 2+2=5 is brainwashing. I can pray to Christ in silence, but radicals want me to worship Lenin in public. James Reimer and Ivan Provorov don't force their Christianity down people’s throats, but radicals try to force progressivism down theirs.

I was always taught that pride was a sin. It’s the sin of sins, for it’s the sin that made Satan fall. However, our society's made pride something to be proud of.

Of course, it's not coincidental that the explicit rejection of God’s design for relationships and marriage is called pride by our society. Sinful man relishes in sin and exults in rebellion against God.

Any romantic relationship beyond man and woman, and any “marriage” beyond husband and wife, is expressly forbidden by Lord. The Bible calls such relationships abominable, and as a Christian who believes Jesus was raised from the dead, that’s enough reason for me to champion marriage between man and woman alone. James Reimer and Ivan Provorov believe the same.

More than that, why do hockey panellists comment that “Hockey’s for everyone?” when they don’t really believe it? When Ivan Provorov refused to endorse pride night, the intermission’s panellists were irate with vitriol against him. In fact,

“Sam Cosentino said [using] religion as a reason to stand up for our beliefs is ‘the oldest trick in the book,’ and that Provorov should explain himself so that he could show that he was ‘an idiot.’”*

That doesn’t sound very “loving” or “tolerant” to me. It’s clear that, in men like Cosentino’s eyes, hockey isn’t for everyone; it’s just for everyone who bows to the statue of progressivism.

The gospel of Jesus Christ, however, is for everyone. Christ calls on all men to repent of their sin and believe the gospel by faith that they might inherit eternal life. The message of salvation is simple: believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you’ll be saved once and for all time. It’s an inclusive gospel—the same for every race, culture, creed, and age—with an exclusive and absolute message: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.

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Photo of James Reimer (edited) from: by: mark6mauno



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Mar 27, 2023

“…it's not coincidental that the explicit rejection of God’s design for relationships and marriage is called pride by our society.” Wow, nailed it.


Mar 22, 2023

It seems hypocritical of Sam Cosentino & others to judge these 2 mature hockey players because if we turn it around, say, have Christians ask everyone on the ice & stands to wear a ‘Jesus is Lord‘ t-shirt they also would likely refuse & take a stand if they were not Jesus followers. They don’t like it if we shoved our faith down their throats. Likewise, not everyone is a ‘pride’ religion follower & don’t want it shoved down our throats. They are there to play a game That should be all they need to do.

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