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Why I, A Recent Grad, Wasn't Seduced By The University's Indoctrination Of Socialism

1. The University

Our universities are being blitzed by socialists and radical ideologues. Almost overnight, they asserted their dominance in the humanities and are presently migrating into the sciences to conquer an even larger sphere of academia. University is no longer an institution man attends to learn to think; he goes to be indoctrinated. Critical Race Theory, Post-Modernism, socialism, and other “progressive” theories and ideals, are consumed by the student almost from the moment he steps onto campus.

In my elective classes, it was often mandated that I listen to the “merits” of socialism. Nonetheless, none of them ever really appealed to me. Fundamentally, I reject socialism because I believe it’s a rebellion against nature and logic. I don’t think socialism reflects reality as it actually is, and therefore, trying to live by its code is trying to live a fantastic lie.

2.The Socialist

The classic socialist believes that society is corrupted, that it promotes suffering and injustice, due to capitalism and free markets. It seems the modern Marxist (radical students and professors in school) has broadened the definition; they are convinced that not only is capitalism to blame for the ills of society, but that western culture itself is the root cause of all our struggles. Systemic racism, the patriarchy, white privilege, and whatever other garbage the radical can conjure, are deemed to have been cultivated and nurtured in the western culture that shapes us all.

Thus, the socialist believes that if western culture—capitalism, moral law, objectivism, the nuclear family, freedom—is destroyed, oppression and suffering will be destroyed, too. He feels a thrill of power when invoking the anthem, “You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy.”

But of course, the socialist raised in the west, as most of them are, must ask himself the question, “If I claim that western culture is corrupted (and therefore the members of western society are corrupted), why am I not affected by that corruption, too?

If the socialist claims that western culture poisons society, then he must be poisoned as well. Is he not a product of the same western society that I am? Is he not subject to the same consumerism, advertising, and institutions as the man he calls “brainwashed by the hypnosis of capitalism and conservative culture?” Why is the socialist ‘enlightened’ while the vast majority of us apparently live in darkness? What has rendered him immune to our ideological disease?

Or, if the socialist is raised in a different culture that champions socialism, he must demonstrate why it’s superior to ours. The plain fact is, unless he appeals to a moral standard, any hope of putting one ideology over another will devolve into a futile exercise of subjectivism—my opinion vs. his.

3. Subjectivism

Speaking of a moral standard, why does the socialist want to tear the society down so badly anyway? Why is it that my leftist classmates in university were so eager to demolish the old country and replace it with the progressive? Publicly, they claim they want to eliminate suffering introduced by poverty, promote fairness, and provide for all. But those ideals—caring for the poor, equal rights, and charity—are grounded in the very law the socialists are trying to destroy. They are cutting the branch they’re sitting on. They gnash their teeth at the command, “You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3), and yet appeal to the virtues of generosity and compassion—both of them commanded in the same law the post-modernist hates.

In school, I repeatedly heard, “Capitalism is the cause of many injustices.” But why would the radical-leftist care about injustice at all? The law that tells us to hate injustice is the same law he wants to ban for promoting “white privilege and male domination.” They are trying to uphold what they want to tear down. And if the socialist wants to ban objective law, who’s to say what “injustice” is? Man cannot subjectively choose which values to keep and which to discard lest he plays the forbidden and idolatrous role of God.

And yet, that is what the socialist is trying to do! He reads the command “give generously” and chooses to adopt the value; he reads the command “tithe to the Lord your God,” and chooses to deny it. Which is it? Is the objective law that western culture grounds itself to be obeyed or not?

4. Destruction

What’s most alarming is that the radical couldn’t care. Socialism is a rebellion against created order, mathematics, philosophy, and human nature, and I think the ideologues know it.

For them, it doesn't matter.

Look, for example, at the economic enterprises of our Federal Government. Make no mistake, they know exactly what they’re doing. Their incomprehensible expenditure and destructive policies are not products of random legislation or excusable ignorance. They know inflation is rising and what’s causing it. They know the country is effectively bankrupt. And they know that their exorbitant spending is making everything worse.

Why are they doing it?” is another analysis entirely.

Shrouded in secrecy, aided by all sorts of scandal and diversions, it’s almost impossible to determine our government's goal. I think it's globalism, but nonetheless, because we have, for so long, tolerated the claim that “socialism is good in theory but doesn’t work in practice,” that we have destined ourselves for disaster.

We must change our strategy. Socialism is a bad theory with horrible consequences. But if instead we grant that this ideology is good in theory, then bit by bit, over the veil of decades, it will slowly be introduced to our culture, until one day, it’s too late. The society we once cherished and loved, will have vanished, and in a place, a contemptible and terrible apparatus, will emerge.

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