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I Hope DeSantis Takes Disney For All It's Worth

The evils of the oligarchs at Disney and other super-corporations are inexhaustible. They preach “love, tolerance, peace, and progressivism,” but they practice malice, intolerance, indoctrination, and grooming.

Of course, it’s not only those at Disney who are guilty of this charge, but countless companies also in our society today.

They talk about bettering and modernizing our society, but who can tolerate their insincerity!? We are disgusted with the arrogant presumptions of the moral “superiority” of such people.

“We are charting forward,” they say, “to generate a state of humanity far more utopian than the present squalid republican, libertarian, conservative, Christian society will ever produce.

Then, when push comes to shove, the society such executives and ideologies produce is more fearful and horrible than anything we could have possibly imagined. In this, we feel the greatest sense of indignation as we contemplate the harm the radical ideologues have done in perverting the society with their absurd doctrines and morals.

I am, of course, thinking about the recent combat between Disney and Ron DeSantis. The DailyWire summarized DeSantis’ recent bill by saying,

“In response to the woke gender ideology that’s flooding America’s public schools, they’re [Florida Republicans] siding with parents who are rightly concerned about the [sexual] agenda being pushed on kids as young as 5 years old. Thanks to remote learning bringing the classroom to parent’s living rooms, we now know, and many teachers freely admit, that starting in preschool, many kids are having explicit sexual lesson plans full of leftist ideologies pushed on them."*

To stand against this grooming, DeSantis passed a bill that, in essence, states,

“In government-funded schools, K-3 teachers are not permitted to indoctrinate children with explicitly sexual content.”

As everyone knows, Disney and other corporations and businesses went berserk in response.

I hope DeSantis takes them for all they’re worth.

I hope he strips them of their unjust business-privilege. I hope they pay the price for trying to normalize pedophilia.

The socialists always cry “down with big business!”, but when this massive company(s) is being investigated and challenged, such socialists revert to their unnatural sensibilities and fight to protect the ability to sexualize children; it’s no wonder they do so. Behind socialism stands a rejection of the natural law. Behind a rejection of the natural law stands sin. Behind sin stands the perverted and evil molestation of what it means to be human.

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