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"I Demand You Only Say What I Approve. The Corrupted Courts Agree." | They/Them

1. They/Them

The Western Standard just reported that the BC Human Rights Tribunal ruled the staff of restaurant Buono Osteria discriminated against a “non‐binary (doesn’t binary imply two genders?), gender fluid, transgender person who uses they/them pronouns.”*

A little while ago, Buono Osteria hired an individual named Jessie Nelson. Nelson demanded to be addressed as they/them, but the bar manager instead referred to Nelson with words like “sweetheart” and “honey.” Nelson was fired after a heated discussion with the bar manager, which led to Nelson’s subsequent allegations of discrimination.

Nelson won the case; the restaurant was fined $30 000, and now they have to impose a pronoun policy and mandatory human rights law training for staff members.

Make no mistake; the precedent that has been set is terrifying. For at the foundation of this ruling, indicating the transformation of modern society, is the intentional and arrogant rejection of logic, truth, and reality itself.

2. 2+2+5

To refer to a person as “they” or “them,” by definition, implies multiplicity. They/them is the word that English employs to convey that more than one person is being discussed. But in this case, they/them refers only to an individual.

In other words, 2=1.

But if 2=1, then black = white. Happiness = sadness, speakers = couches, a combine = elementary school curriculum, and death = life. Truth becomes meaningless; life becomes meaningless. Nothing matters because nothing is objectively real or true (that is, of course, an objective statement). Values are vain, justice is dead, and morality pitifully amounts to the sludge of society’s subjective sentiments, no matter how wicked or cruel, that are vogue.

We see? Post-Modernism (the rejection of objective truth) is poisonous. It infects every part of society until the entire country is dead.

But of course, post-modernists like Jessie Nelson and the BC Human Rights Tribunal aren’t really post-modernists at all. Not when it matters. I hardly think any of them adhere to their vile dogma when taking an Advil for a headache or measuring plans to build a house.

If they believe in their ideology, then why not self-medicate 10 or 20 Advil when feeling sick? Why not mix a random amount of concrete when constructing a basement? The answer is plain: because they know that too much Advil will objectively cause harm, and refusing to mix the proper amount of cement will ruin the home.

Either the view of the post-modernist crumbles, or the foundation of the house does.

3. Oppression

Now it’s one thing for a person to think they are a different gender than they actually are. It’s one thing for a man to believe he’s plural when he’s singular in reality. Canada is a free country (or it was), and a man ought to be free to believe what he wants.

It’s quite another thing to force us to believe what another believes; coercing us to say what others want us to say. And that’s precisely what the BC Human Rights Tribunal ruled.

The extraordinary thing about language and communication is that it enables us to debate with each other what we think reality actually is, and as such, once truth is discovered, we can participate in the truth itself. Again, once we discover truth, the utility and happiness of our lives are maximized because we no longer struggle in vain against the natural law. It’s like taking a car for a cruise on the highway and driving it as it’s meant to be driven instead of dropping it in the ocean and becoming frustrated when it sinks.

But when the Tribunal rules that calling someone what they don’t want to be called is a finable offence (For now. If we don’t fight, it will soon be imprisonable.), they dictatorially strangle our enjoyment of truth. To the Human Rights Tribunal, we say,

You have destroyed the ability to discover what is real. You force us to accept 2 =1 or 2+2=5. You force us to believe the lie, which is not only wicked but promises our suffering. We will (unless we stand against this nonsense) suffer because 1. You will throw us in prison, or 2. Because we will have to forfeit our harmony with created nature and live out our days full of agitation and anger as we try and live a lie.

You are forcing us to drive cars into the ocean, sleep outside with a bathing suit in the dead of winter, run diesels on sugar, call our grandmothers our sons, and reject reality as it actually is. You treat us as less than human because in your ruling you declare,

“You are not worthy of the truth.”

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*Read the full story here!


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