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Kenney's Spies | Government Playing God

1. Government And God

Jason Kenney has become so infatuated, so engrossed, in the idea that “safety” is Alberta’s supreme ethical ideal, he can longer discern what is right from what is wrong. Or if he still can, he no longer cares.

A report (available here) completed by the diligent think-tank “Alberta Institute” details Premier Kenney’s most recent attack on our freedom.

To summarize, the Government of Alberta, like a mafia, has put out a call for companies providing live video and recording services using drones. The government requires the contractor(s) to engage in “Intelligence Surveillance Reconnoissance” (IRS) (Doesn’t that acronym simply roll off the tongue like AHS or Ingsoc?) during (but not limited to!) holidays and weekends between June-October 31st, 2021. The drone’s job is to take “live electro-optical and infrared video to support safety, coordination and situation awareness for ground personnel.” Along with “Provision of digital imagery to AEP [Alberta Environment and Parks] upon completion of surveillance actives at the conclusion of each holiday weekend.”*

And just who will they be looking for? Among other things, “gatherings of ten (10) or more individuals, and officer safety support.”

That's communistic. We do not employ the term lightly because we’ve studied history and know the horrors associated with that term, but that is what this surveillance is. Jason Kenney is a wolf, a ravenous wolf, and the UCP, his pack, all in sheep’s clothing. But now that they’ve infiltrated the flock, they’ve shed their disguise. There is no longer any question where their loyalty lies.

2. Democratic Tyranny

What enterprise is the UCP Government engaged in right now if not the encompassing and total elimination and annihilation of every kind of human individuality and character? What are they trying to do if not destroy what makes me, myself, and what makes you, you? That is what makes us special and unique.

Social, cultural, and moral actives are being eradicated. I can think of nothing more enjoyable than sharing the warmth and glow of a campfire with friends, perhaps friends I have just made, nestled deep in our rocky mountains, hidden from the clatter and traffic of 21st-century life, and gazing with wonder as the summit of those magnificent rocks sparkle with the light of the 100 billion stars of our Milky Way.

And the government wants to take that all away. People enjoying life like this as it ought to be enjoyed must become accustomed to the dreadful buzz of the drone and the panicked call, “Scatter!” hiding their chairs and hoping they haven’t been spotted.

What is this if not being cut down to a democratic level? Everyone is becoming perfectly, and unnaturally, equal: all nobodies. This government and their bureaucracy, like AHS, is ensuring nothing is special about anyone anymore.

There is nothing special about the bride, so excited to celebrate and share the unchallenged glory of a wedding with her closest family and friends, no. She, whose august beauty and radiant happiness is displayed to others like this only once in her lifetime, can only be shared with 10 people, maximum. And do not suppose she can devise a desperate, and in the eyes of AHS, wicked plan to invite more people. Kenney’s drones will be watching.

There is nothing special about the first-time father, beaming with love and pride as his child is introduced to their world. He cannot invite his neighbourhood over to his home for a barbecue, a welcoming to share in his joy, and celebrate the miracle of life. Kenney’s drones will be watching.

There is nothing special about you or me, humans, made in the image of God. We are being treated like numbers and threats—potential cases or “super-spreaders.” Having fun at large picnics, campsites, and beaches in Alberta’s diverse and rare landscape that few places in the world can dream of offering, must be treated as dangerous.

Now, nobody is special. Nobody is unique.

3. Tyranny For Our Good

What is perhaps most wicked is that this tyranny, explicitly spying on citizens, is exercised “for our good.” No doubt the government will have figures [propaganda] prepared and holstered, ready to fire facts telling us why the pain inflicted upon us (surveillance) promotes a higher good (that they have declared, “safety”) and is, therefore, a “necessary ill.” I don’t like that. It’s like living as a prole in 1984’s Oceania. I would prefer to live as a slave in Pharaoh's Egypt. Sometimes the cruel dictator’s oppression sleeps, even if only for a moment. But the one who watches us, who “takes care of us” for our own good, will only hear his approving conscience. Our calls for Kenney to give us our freedom back have fallen on deaf ears. We are drowned out by Premier Kenney's, Dr. Hinshaw’s, and Minister Shandro’s individual pride brainwashing their perception of reality, “behold, you are saving your people.”

It’s wrong for the government to watch us like this. It’s wrong to live in fear of constables, most of whom are probably embarrassed to be AHS’s muscle, driving onto my property to carry out a summons in the name of heath. And it’s wrong for our bureaucrats to think this is right.

Like Lewis said, “To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”**

* All quotations regarding the drones citied from and available here

** From "The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment" available here

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2021. máj. 18.

Hey! In this article, it says that the Kenney Administration is cancelling the order. Take a look at this link- maybe we are going to have some good news!

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Can he be believed, though?

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