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Europe Went Green. Now, They're Going To Freeze In The Dark.

The European energy crisis is not a consequence of free markets, nor is it a consequence of “greedy oil and gas companies." Instead, this European tragedy is a consequence of government intervention in the markets and society’s descent into insanity.

European parliaments make it almost impossible to invest in oil and gas. For decades, they championed “green” energy as the evolution and revolution of human society. However, due to wind and solar’s intermittency and dilution difficulties, the Europeans discovered they needed, and continue to need, natural gas for power. Taxes, shortages, and the battle in Ukraine, mean natural gas prices have skyrocketed hundreds of percent. Now, European kingdoms are panicking as the frost of winter announces its dreadful arrival.

This imminent tragedy isn’t just wrong; it’s insane.

Our society approaches insanity because we’re tolerant. Indeed, nothing is more intolerable than tolerance because nothing is so irrational as accepting everything as rational. For example, suppose a fire alarm is ringing in my room in my condo. If there’s an actual fire, I’m thankful the alarm is screaming in my ear, and I’ll warn my neighbours of the inferno.

On the other hand, if there is no fire at all and the alarm is ringing because of my poor cooking, I would simply shut off the alarm…But what if I didn’t do so? What if I let the alarm ring for an hour, two hours, a day, or even an entire week? What if I carried on, life as normal, while the fire alarm opened its lungs? Everyone else would (correctly) conclude that I was going insane. My tolerance of the alarm's unnatural wail would be proof of my insanity.

More than that, what if my neighbours heard my fire alarm ring and didn’t care at all? What if they heard it, week after week, and thought it as normal as the sun announcing its presence every morning? What if a man walked into my condo only to find my neighbour knitting in her chair, my other neighbour eating a meal, and myself reading a book, plain as can be, all while my fire alarm continued to cry?

The whole town would (again, correctly) conclude that the entire condo was insane. Our tolerance of the abnormal is abnormality itself.

The same is true of oil and gas. Drilling for oil and using natural gas is desirable and normal because it increases our standard and quality of life. Hydrocarbons have encouraged, and exponentially advanced, our species’ flourishing.

And yet, our politicians are shutting oil down. The consequences of their legislation, as the Europeans are discovering, are devastating. The most tragic thing of all is that Europe’s imminent suffering this winter could have been avoided if only they accessed their natural gas and other hydrocarbons.

In this, we cannot allow the abnormal—the “green revolution” our politicians force us to swallow—to become normal. Our oil and gas is ready and present to be harvested for heat and power. We refuse to tolerate the destruction of fuel because we refuse to tolerate freezing in the dark. Indeed, if we do tolerate such an attack and let our oil stay locked in the ground, we are not so much cowards as we are, instead,


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