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Don't Let Government Destroy The Joy Of Christmas.

Does the disgrace of government recognize no bounds? Eclipsing one of the holiest celebrations of the year, honouring the only Saviour ever to subdue the Earth, we turn on the news and instead hear, “Omicron, Omicron, Omicron. Fear. Be afraid. Hide. Stay in your homes. Flee from family and friends. Bow to the new lords of the modern state—the executives at Pfizer, oligarchs at AHS, bureaucrats in cabinet, and officials of the cabal at the G20—or suffer the consequences.”

That’s what the MSM is proud to report? They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Christmas isn't a holiday of fear or sadness, but of joy and thankfulness.

But every second of every hour of every day, government actively works to conjure illusions of terror in our lives. True, everyone already knows a virus can dominate our bodies; what our leaders are trying to do now is have it dominate our minds.


Ottawa and provincial governments are trying to scare us to create a “demand” for the “supply” of their “salvation.” That is, if the very whisper of the word “Covid” locks our minds in a prison of dread, we'll actively await a saviour to release us from such paralyzing fear. And wouldn’t you know it, our masters in parliament hold the key, the vaccine, to “liberate” us from this detention.

What I mean is, if we are afraid of Covid, we will search for someone (or some institution) to save us from Covid; government claims to command that responsibility.

But do legitimate saviours need to force their “salvation” on others for it to be accepted? When God opened our eyes to the promise of Christ, His salvation was eagerly unwrapped and welcomed with overflowing generosity and thankfulness. When those who are held hostage are liberated, they do not need to be coerced to follow their saviours.

This Christmas, it’s different. Government tries to stimulate demand for a “salvation” we neither want nor need. Thus, they retreat to the use of force to make us "gratefully" accept their "grand and selfless, altruistic, benevolence." That is not the action of a saviour, but of an oppressor.

It’s therefore clear that the government is not our protector. But they're not the antagonist, either.

Sin is! And if sinful men and women control government (which they do), we are confident they will do very bad things appeasing their self-interest.

But the wonder of Christmas is that Christ descended to us—vitriolic, angry, violent, little creatures—and became like us in the body to save us from sin! Government might try to snuff out the light of Jesus and replace it with themselves, but they cannot. It’s no more possible to do so any more than it’s possible to snuff out all of the oxygen in a room and place a person in the middle trying in vain to produce his own.

We cannot be distracted by the fear-mongering of government. It is a pathetic attempt to take us away from the presentation, the rejection, and the salvation of Christ during this Christmas. As much as Mr. Trudeau, or Mr. Kenney, claims to have cures for our problems, the reality is, they’re infected with the disease. They cannot save us any more than cutting off our arm heals a broken leg. Instead, Christ is the solution, Christ is the cure, and Christ is the way the truth and the life (John 14:7). Let us therefore celebrate Him this week, and as government escalates this battle for freedom, remember,

“In War: Resolution,

In Defeat: Defiance,

In Victory: Magnanimity

In Peace: Good Will.”*

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