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Dear Environmentalists, You Better Not Complain About Fuel Prices

To The Radical Environmentalist,

Thank you for your tireless efforts. Thank you for your eco-terrorism and senseless, endless, lobbying in front of parliament buildings. Thank you for your years of demanding the oil industry be shut down and suffocated for the “good of the planet.” Thank you for your selfless service, you decorated veteran, combating the menace of climate change.

After all, the rest of us are happy we’re feeling crushed to pay our bills. We are all delighted to pull up to the pumps and pay exorbitant gasoline prices. We are overjoyed to hear the carbon tax is increasing, especially when we scrutinize our power, heating, and other bills at the turn of the month.

Actually, your strategy is brilliant when we think about it—we can’t cause climate change if we’re too broke to burn oil at all. Of course, I suppose that’d mean we’d be too broke to adequately heat our homes or drive our vehicles, but that’s nothing more than an unfortunate pinch—a necessary sacrifice if you will—in this grand balance of the Earth.

So we’re safe to assume you’re happy paying $2.00/litre at the pumps, yes? “It’s Russia’s fault!” you might screech, but shouldn’t you rejoice? No matter who’s fault it is (and it’s not Russia’s), people are buying less fuel now than what they were; isn’t the climate being saved?

But we have to ask, just what is it being saved from? Suppose we followed your demands and ceased all carbon usage today and for the foreseeable future. Setting aside the mass extinction that would take place (and make no mistake, it would be a mass extinction), what would happen to the climate you so preciously guard? Would it suddenly calm? Would weather patterns and changes suddenly stall? No more snowstorms, no more hurricanes? No more heatwaves, no more cold spells?

We doubt it (we know that wouldn’t happen, actually), but nonetheless, isn’t the very pattern of weather normal if it changes? You say climate change is a bad thing, but the climate is constantly changing, isn’t it? To that end, surely you must see your goal, if your target is stabilizing the climate, is never actually attainable.

Of course, that’s not your goal at all. I think you know that climate change is every bit as vague and imprecise as the phrase “growing child.” Instead, you use climate change as a smokescreen to impose your actual goal, socialism. You use your ideology to make us all equal—equally poor, that is. If the rest of us were socialists, which we’re not considering we’ve read about history, economics, and submit to objective morality, we would rejoice because more and more government programs are being enacted to combat our imminent poverty. Isn’t that what socialism is?

But of course, there’s a problem. Our country isn’t turning into a utopia like you said it would. The weather is still cold, my house still needs to be heated (after all, I can wrap myself in blankets, but not my pipes), and I still have to drive for groceries. In this, high prices and carbon taxes aren’t doing anything for the climate; instead, we’re just going broke.

Is this what you wanted? Would you see us poorer in the name of “saving the planet” even if you have no evidence to support your claims? After all, how else can you get us to stop using carbon? If that’s your plan, congratulations; you’ve done a marvellous job. Now, all of us are in more precarious positions than we were at the beginning of your crusade.

You sit together and congratulate each other with hugs, you cheer and sneer and shout for victory, you rejoice as the “Mother Earth” you worship is ready to “fix herself,” and you do so while the rest of us softly cry in panic as we struggle to make basic ends meet.

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1 Comment

Mar 11, 2022

Great article. Now if only the people that should read this would read it. Unfortunately they probably will never see it as they do not subscribe to real facts.

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