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Conservatives Shouldn't Apologize For Being Right

Many of our conservative politicians aren’t conservative. Or, in the rare case that they are conservative, they’re conservative about all the wrong things. They maintain that which should be progressed, and they progress that which should be maintained.

Thus, our conservative leaders often apologize for beliefs they shouldn’t apologize for. They apologize to liberals for being too conservative, but they never apologize to conservatives for not being conservative enough. The most recent example of such moral weakness comes from a man at stampede wearing a “Straight pride” shirt that said, “Thank a straight couple for your existence.”

Danielle Smith was sorry she took a photo with the man; both her and Pierre Poilievre said they didn’t agree with the shirt’s message. That doesn’t sound very conservative (or correct) to me.

Not only was the shirt’s statement entirely accurate (a man and woman are needed to conceive a child, despite what insane radical progressives might think), but it highlighted how hypocritical the pride movement is. Radicals demand we bow to gay pride, but erupt in a furious rage when someone wears a shirt that says, “straight pride.”

And yet, in spite of such blatant hypocrisy, progressives still have conquered extraordinary political ground over the past few years. Then again, who wouldn’t same if their enemy was stagnant? And stagnant is what our conservative leaders are. They’re static. They’re more like atheistic libertarians than anything else, and believe that if you leave a thing(s) alone, you leave things the way they are. That isn’t true.

We can’t just leave progressivism alone to “do its thing” and expect society to remain rational. It’s true that progressivism’s an irrational ideology, but it’s one that’s always moving.

If conservatives stop actively resisting progressivism’s advance, it’s not like progressivism will stop advancing. Instead, it’ll advance at a more terrible and terrifying speed than it did before.

To understand what I mean, think about a group of men that are trying to vandalize a pickup truck. In defence, the owner of the truck and his neighbours are standing around the vehicle, guarding it from being keyed by the hostile vandals.

However, if the group of neighbours decides to disband and leave the truck unguarded, the vandals won’t just disperse. Instead, they’ll attack the truck and complete their task with devastating efficiency, destroying the vehicle in a matter of moments.

Likewise, progressives are attacking the foundations of society. They claim God is no longer supreme, they reject the constitution, and they disregard rights, freedoms, and the rule of law. Conservatives have a duty and obligation to protect our country from such devastation. To counter progressivism, we have to protect the supremacy of God, champion the constitution, and affirm the rights and freedoms of everyone.

The moment we abdicate our post—the moment we cease to defend our foundations and instead “let progressives do what they want”—isn’t the moment the battle’s won; it’s the moment the battle’s lost.

In this, if our conservatives are to be conservative again, they need to start by doing what conservatives are classically told not to do.

The current conservative is reactive; the current conservative needs to be proactive. Defence isn’t defence if it’s passive; defence isn’t even defence if it’s reactive. Defence is only defence if it’s an active, offensive, action, at once repelling the enemy, while at the same time advancing to regain lost ground.

That means not apologizing when you’re right, and never apologizing when the other side is wrong. It means not only defending your morals, but charging those without morals with immorality.

Thus, in a twist of irony, we realize that true conservatives don’t want to conserve. It’s the progressives who want to do that. They’re the ones who want to keep humanity conserved in a cesspool of sin; proper conservatives are the ones who want to take society out of it.

They’re the ones who are progressing, and if they do so correctly, they’ll be marching towards Jesus Christ, the King.

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4 ความคิดเห็น

22 ส.ค. 2566

Once again another top notch piece and spot on to say the least. The fact remains that the political standing is the same and what are we the people/masses going to do about it? We the People need a holy intervention by the all mighty, all powerful and all knowing Creator, and the sooner the better for all concerned. 😳🤠😇


21 ก.ค. 2566

perfectly articulated tanner


21 ก.ค. 2566

True, conservatives believe in individuality vs liberal progressives live in groupthink like porpoise pods or sardines. As such, an individual conservative speaking out will be subjected to the aggressive demonization by the liberal activist hord and groupthink MSM. .


21 ก.ค. 2566

Well said and so true. Thank you

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