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The Coming Climate Change Lockdowns | 2030

This heavy heatwave has brought with it environmentalists sounding their sirens that the world is coming to an end. I agree with them, but for a different reason; I think Christ is coming very soon, and with him, a 7-year fury of apocalypse that the human mind cannot imagine. Nevertheless, hashtags like #climateemergency and #climatecrisis littered the internet yesterday, with the leftist mob entering into consensus that unless we do something, the Earth is about to die. But the way I believe they intend to combat this “crisis” is not something I want to endure.

Our government promises that lockdowns are over. I don’t believe them. There seems to be a substantial probability that we will once again be herded into our homes as the Delta variant of Covid begins to infect the country. But our present attention is focused on climate. We are in the crucible of intolerable heat. California is weathering unprecedented drought. British Columbia is experiencing record temperatures. And our Canola here in Alberta and Saskatchewan is blooming at precisely the wrong time, driving up the futures price in an already-inflated market.

Of course, now we’re forced to listen to the woes of climate experts. Is it unbearably hot? It’s climate change. Is it 2 degrees below seasonal temperatures? It’s climate change. Did we lose an inch of rain from the year before? It’s climate change. Anything and everything that changes the weather is labelled “climate change.” And rightfully so; clearly, and normally, the climate is changing in a world of entropy. But consistent with their strategy, the left has restructured the language to become broad, imprecise, and impossible to communicate truth. Fear-mongering labelled “global warming”—a term only applicable when the climate heats up—has evolved into “climate change,” applicable at any time and temperature.

In just a few short months, fear and safety have both become virtues. The media has performed a dedicated service to their masters by promoting the lie that those who live in terror are obedient citizens and those who don’t are dangerous. These new ethics have become so synonymous with justice that lockdowns were justified (upheld in court) on the false ground that they increased the citizen's safety. Our government has been absolved of any wrongdoing, regardless of the depression, loneliness, lost jobs, and suicides, that occurred due to forcing us to live less than human. Now, anything goes.

2030 is an ominous date for obvious reasons. There are countless thousands of articles detailing its significance. A hive of world leaders convened in the jewel of France to discuss the Paris accords in 2015. There was adopted the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” It reeks of globalism and a sinister one-world government. At the heart of their demonic crusade, of course, is climate change. Everything is justified in the name of fighting this prophesied doom. Here in Canada, for example, where temperatures routinely congregate below -30 Celsius, we’re subject to expensive carbon taxes to heat our houses in the name of reducing our consumption of fossil fuels and saving the ozone.

And now, their lockdown experiment complete, our leaders undoubtedly satisfied with the degree of obedience and efficacy in controlling the populous, I have no doubt we will be locked down again in the name of saving the world. Fighting for our climate is called righteous; our sacrifice to save it will be called righteous. It’s not. Business owners unable to withstand another fiscal period of bankruptcy will shut down, children prohibited from seeing their friends will suffer, and men who cannot endure another storm of depression from isolation will end their lives.

But of course, if the whole thing is for our safety, what can we say? If the “experts” declare that we must be locked down to save ourselves from a global catastrophe, what can we do? The logic of their position on the issue is irrelevant; only their title matters. “You’re not an expert; what do you know?” will be the reply to our concerns. Just like Covid, an elite oligarchy of bureaucrats will dictate climate law and the necessary action they believe needs to be taken. Be warned; let us do our best to make certain this never comes to pass, for we know what ruthlessness governments are capable of.


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