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Freeland Runs And Hides From Honest Journalism Because She Hates The Truth

It’s not like we lack political corruption to report about; it’s that we’re starved for enough honest journalists willing to report about it. It’s not like our politicians are such squeaky-clean servants of truth that no one can find any dirt on them; it’s that we don’t have enough organizations to investigate the depravity of our governments’ lies.

Just recently, Chrystia Freeland was filmed practically barricading herself behind an impenetrable wall of security guards.* She did so because Rebel News approached her with questions, as any proper media organization ought. But Freeland refused to engage with Rebel, which, actually, is fine, because we didn’t have the stomach to listen to what she was going to say.

While Chrystia Freeland refuses to take questions from organizations like Rebel, it’s clear she doesn’t have qualms about taking questions from mainstream media like CBC, so why is she so camera shy all of a sudden?

Freeland won’t engage with Rebel because, like other independent media outlets, they’re far more effective at reporting the truth and exposing lies than modern mainstream media.

For powerful politicians like Freeland, there’s nothing scarier than a person with a pen. In their eyes, there’s nothing more terrifying than a person who speaks the truth. A man who preaches truth is even more frightening than the unhinged warrior with a sword. The man with the sword will one day expire; there will come a day when he shall no more swing his sword. But the ambassador of truth will never die. His words will last 10 000 years, even though his body will pass away. He will die, but his truthful words of condemnation against men and women like Freeland never will.

Thus, it’s no wonder why our politicians practically scream in agony when they’re questioned by honest men. They can’t tolerate truth because it’s their prime enemy they can’t conquer. They can subject men to economic disaster; they can pervert the language and morality of the nations they rule. They can even control the weather, but can’t control the truth. They can’t defeat their ancient and eternal foe. Our politicians partner with mainstream medias and even invite them to Davos because they’re united in this battle against truth and reality. And when our bureaucrats meet an organization that lies, they haven’t met a foe, but an ally, and they form an alliance.

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* Video of Freeland Hiding From Rebel:

-Edited photo of Chrystia Freeland (thumbnail) by Georges Schnider at:

*Note* - This article is not an endorsement or is affiliated with Rebel News.


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Mar 22, 2023

FREAKland is actually far more EVIL than TURDeau.


Freeland is a disaster that has already happened .After Trudeau himself she is the scariest thing in Canadian politics today I can't stand to listen to her non-answers in H of C , Probably the worst finance minister Canada has ever had .God help us if she ever becomes P.M.


Jan 20, 2023

Another good piece of truth and information. Thanks Tanner. The truth will always prevail. 😉

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