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Yesterday, I saw Canada As It's Supposed To Be, And Justin Trudeau Wasn't There

Yesterday, during Canada’s gold medal game, I saw Canada as it was supposed to be.

And Justin Trudeau wasn’t there.

I saw men and women who loved their country, not because it was great (though our team certainly was), not because it was perfect, but because it was their own. I saw a people who loved and cheered for their team, not because they knew the name of every player on the ice, not because they knew where each superstar was drafted, but because of the red maple leaf on every jersey. They loved their team because it was their country’s, and they loved their country because it was theirs. We love our country because it’s our own.

But be warned; if we let Justin Trudeau and other radicals destroy Canada, it won’t be our country for very long.

The reason Prime Minister Trudeau will never “fix” Canada or “Build it Back Better” (whatever that means) is that he doesn’t love what he’s trying to change. Here’s what I mean:

The patriot in the arena cheering for team Canada loves Canada because it’s his Canada. On the contrary, Justin Trudeau loves Canada because it’s “multicultural;” He loves it because it has “Universal Health Care.” He loves it for whatever socialist or liberal reason he can think of, and he rejects all facts and logic to keep his ideological fantasy of the country alive. He doesn’t love Canada; he never has. He loves some imaginative theory of it. He loves some dream of Canada that he dreamed up in a nightmare a long time ago. He loves an ideal of Canada, but he doesn’t love Canada itself.

Thus, Justin Trudeau will destroy our country to keep his virtue-signalling alive. This spoiled idealism spurs Mr. Trudeau and his liberal government on a radical transformation of Canadians and Canadian soil. The government works its hardest, by not working hard at all, to make Canada something entirely different than what it was, and what yesterday’s fans in the arena and our homes still proved it to be.

Recognize how dangerous Trudeau’s “change” actually is. We must understand that if you change something too much, you change it from being itself. Think of an artist who’s drawing a picture of a rhino. However, instead of giving him a horn, four legs, and grey armour, he draws the rhino with no horn, yellow skin, and two legs. Of course, that means he hasn’t drawn a rhino at all, but something else entirely. If the artist “frees” the rhino from its defining features, the artist frees the rhino from being a rhino, and, thus, destroys the creature.

In the same way, Justin Trudeau can try to make all these fundamental changes to Canada, but if he succeeds, he won’t have a Canada left to look at. Neither will we.

And that’s the point.

I have no doubt Trudeau aims to destroy our country for some malevolent purpose. What else could his objective be? Do we think he wants to help us? If that were true, he’d look at his policies for five seconds and go, “They clearly aren’t working. The country’s a mess. We better change our governance.” But he doesn’t. Instead, he doubles down on his rule, and our country plunges into economic, moral, and ethical chaos.

Completely opposite of Trudeau, the patriot at the hockey game—the true Canadian—loves Canada with a near-supernatural love that transcends all reason or understanding. He doesn’t argue that Canada’s perfect. If he thought it was, he wouldn’t change Canada at all, even though it clearly needs to be improved. Neither does the patriot argue that Canada’s horrible. If he did, he wouldn’t cheer for team Canada, and he’d probably move to another country. Instead, the patriot knows that the country is his own. Because of this love, like a husband or wife who loves their spouse, he wants to make the country into the best version of itself.

After watching yesterday’s game, and the celebration that accompanied it, our resolve to fight for our province and country is renewed. Government is trying to make our home no longer a home; we must ensure that doesn’t happen. I heard it yesterday when the anthem was sung, didn’t you? We have a duty to protect our home and we have a task to uphold our land. I heard it yesterday as the triumphant banner of the Canadian flag was raised over the international champions of hockey.

Forward, Canada, against Justin Trudeau and his government, for All Thy Sons Command.

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Jan 06, 2023

It was just a Hockey Game ... The tournament was "traded" to Canada from Russia even though Embargoes and Sanctions condemned .... I didn't watch any of it ... All "proceeds and profits" from this Money Hungry spectacle should be donated to Ukraine's Defence Force ... Who really cares about a Chunk of Frozen Rubber ??? 😉

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