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I Bet Government Locks Us Down Again, But This Time Because Of Climate Change

1. Power

Government tasted the sweet honey of near-absolute power over this last year, and now, like a hungry and intrusive bear, it wants more. The luxuries such control affords are too addictive to resist. One or two years of unmitigated reign won’t satisfy, neither will 10 or 20; now that our leaders have tried the appetizer of unrestricted rule, they are prepared for the full course, indefinitely.

But there’s a problem. We don’t like our homes being destroyed. This last year has introduced unnecessary hardships and sufferings for too many families. Divorce, abuse, poverty, and suicide consumed their victims with ferocity during our lockdowns and probation. It’s undeniably cruel to force us to live this way, and eventually we tire and have nothing left to lose. As such, Europe is erupting, Cuba is revolting, and our MLA’s in Canada are feeling the heat from their constituents. The bears in parliament are discovering that bees sting. Locking down because of Covid no longer carries any legitimacy (I don’t think it ever did). People are on the brink of bankruptcy, families are still stressed, and everyone is tired of the same-old narrative.

Of course, our rulers realized that conjuring a crisis, and simultaneously monopolizing the “solution” to the crisis, cemented their claim to power. For a little while, they were able to pass whatever law they wanted. It was terrible, and we fought hard to limit the damage they inflicted upon the nation. Thank the Lord we live in some resemblance of a democracy. The horrors present in China and other censored countries during this time must’ve been unimaginable. The few leaks we hear from those places are chilling enough.

2. Crisis

However, let’s not underestimate our rulers. We would be foolish to forget the resource and ingenuity of a starving bear. Democracy sacrifices herself as one of the primary defences against tyranny, but it can be overrun. Since the last gambit to rule the country with an iron sceptre using a crisis worked so well, why not try it again?

Sparks, fires, smoke, carbon dioxide, heat, drought, all of these plagues, so I’ve been informed from my trustworthy and non-partisan news source, are due to climate change. It’s our fault. There were never high temperatures before humans or industrialization. There were no droughts before the car was invented or coal was burned. Fascinating.

I dare not say I can predict the future or know what conversations are taking place in high office, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if tomorrow I received an alert on my phone:

“Due to increasing wildfires, intense heat, and persisting drought, all Canadians will be locked down for two weeks to cut the production of carbon dioxide. We are entering into a #climateemergency.

3. The Present

The narrative that you and I are contributing to the destruction the planet is becoming more pronounced. It’s garbage, but it doesn’t matter, as long as the people are scared enough to acknowledge government as the saviour. It wouldn’t be a shock to any of us if our government curtailed our use of gasoline, restricted our power, rationed our food, and once again revoked our ability to leave our homes.

The divide is becoming so evident that just yesterday, the Globe and Mail promoted an article detailing how “Pickup Trucks Are A Plague On Canadian Streets.”* I could care less if the piece really was a clumsy attack on trucks, but it’s not. The title is misleading. The author doesn’t think pickup trucks are a plague; he thinks the people who drive them are.

That embodies this socialist strategy. Climate isn’t the problem; people who don’t share the post-modernists point of view are. If you don’t subscribe to the values (which aren’t really values at all) like climate change, feminism, and socialism, proclaimed by dominant voices in the east, then you’re ostracized and shamed. They say the production of oil is bad, but they don’t mean it. Oil workers, on the other hand, men and women who are traditionally conservative and present a shining example of capitalism’s triumph, they’re the target. And if government can strengthen its grip on the constitution and law by declaring that the climate is about to implode, if the only way to force the country to fall in line with this global agenda is to lock us down, then we shouldn’t be surprised when our leaders try it. It will, after all, be for our safety.

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