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Trudeau Has A Minority Again. Now What?

The country is landlocked. One month and 600 million dollars in election expenses have changed nothing. No doubt there will be many trying times ahead of us. Vaccine passports, globalist agendas, socialism, and a new age of progressive justice, which is no justice at all, overwhelms our minds with worries and wonder as Canada enters another period of minority rule.

But let us not be naïve; even though Trudeau walks a delicate balance, the NDP seems to side with him in almost every issue, so it’s practically a majority government.

So what are we supposed to do? We have a Conservative opposition which isn’t very strong, a PPC party who fought very valiantly and yet still is without a seat, and we have to navigate the severe censorship of the media.

Politically, we all have different opinions, no doubt. Some say independence for the west, others argue greater representation in the House of Commons, and still more say strong provincial premiers are what we need.

Personally, I am a staunch proponent of Alberta’s independence. I think it’s plain that Alberta and the eastern bloc are practically two different countries with different cultures and different values. How can we be ruled under one leader? At the very least, shouldn’t we at least table the motion to Albertans to see what they think?

Nonetheless, we are wise to remember that “Hope placed in mortals dies with them. All the promise of their power comes to nothing" (Proverbs 11:7). It would be most excellent to enjoy our freedoms once again and enjoy life as it's meant to be enjoyed, absent the fear that government will capture more and more of our liberty. Democratic liberties and the protection of rights are among the greatest blessings accrued to any man or woman on Earth.

But in reality, our true hope, and indeed our only hope, is in Jesus Christ.

It is true that electing a just government is vital. But the wonderful thing about Christianity is that, whether ruled by tyrants or a senate, whether under occupation or free, whether the government is cruel or kind, Christ, and the hope of Christ, is absolute and eternal.

Granted, a government, or the leader of a party, might be able to conquer an oppressing ruler, but he cannot defeat our apex enemy, death. No matter how powerful he is or how benevolent his reign, he too will succumb to the grave, just like the robber and the baron. Only Christ can take away sin (Acts 2:38), only Christ can take away death (John 3:16), and as such, it is Christ who demands our worship (Acts 4:12). Our hope is not in the mortal, but in the immortal; not in earthly governments, but the Heavenly Kingdom. For in man, I am subject to death, but in Christ, I discover the resurrection.

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