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With Yet Another Massive Immigration Announcement, Trudeau Proves He Loves Every Country But His Own

The Liberal Government hates Canada. They hate the country they claim to serve. Of course, they don’t actually serve Canada; instead, they serve their idealistic version of Canada, which isn’t Canada at all. They’re not working to protect Canadians; they’re working to ensure everyone (which means no one) is Canadian.

One proof of such an audacious claim? An announcement that Canada is accepting a massive influx of 500 000 immigrants annually.*,**

A man proves he loves his wife and family by loving them alone. He loves his wife because she is his, and his wife loves him because he is hers. But just as a married man who frequents other women and invites them to live in his home is an adulterer, the leader who cares for every nation in the world except his own is a traitor. Millions of Canadians are in serious trouble and desperately need help. Inflation is monstrous, the housing market is ready to rupture, people can't pay their mortgages, power bills are soaring into the stratosphere, and healthcare is a dishevelled and disgraceful, centrally-planned mess. The Liberal solution? Annually, ship 500 000 more immigrants into the country.

Trudeau claims he loves Canada partly because of its multiculturalism, but he really loves multiculturalism alone. His dogma is self-defeating, for he believes the Canadian identity is that it has no identity. Of course, if a nation’s identity is that it has no identity, it has an identity. It’s not that Trudeau makes Canada any better by introducing more multiculturalism; it’s not even that he makes the country worse. Instead, he just completely unmakes the country.

What can this flood of immigration be called if not the slow suicide of Canada? I doubt radicals even think this is a bad thing. Trudeau’s not building Canadian foundations up; he’s tearing them down. We’re being absorbed into a super-structure where Canada is indistinguishable from its neighbours.

Why do ideologues in media and government act like it’s a sin to love one’s home? A child loves the comfort of his parent's house. Is it really so sacrilegious for an adult to love the comfort of his larger home, his country? We love Canada and our province, not because it is perfect, but because it is ours. We are not blind to the sins of its past, but it’s precisely because we’re not blind that we’re bound. We know the nation’s not perfect, but we also know we love the mountains, lakes, canola crushers (and their smells), dressing rooms, coffee row, diesel trucks, and oilsands. It’s no more a sin to love those things than it is a sin to love your mother’s fresh baking.

Because we love our home for no particular reason except that it’s our own, we’re most likely to change it for the better. Mr. Trudeau hates the country he rules; does anyone honestly think he wants to “fix it?” If someone hates something with a passion, they’re going to destroy it, not make it better. By parachuting massive amounts of foreigners into the country, Trudeau isn't remaking the country, he's making a new country altogether.

One more thing. Radicals will accuse this article of perpetrating “white supremacy.” Not only are such critiques untrue (I am not a white supremacist), but the individuals who slander in such ways are shallow, feeble, pharisaical, intellectually pathetic critics who have nothing constructive to say of their own. A man is not a racist, sexist, bigoted pig for wanting to keep what is his own; he is not immoral for wanting only to see his family in his home.

We must realize what the heart of this multicultural blitz is. Multiculturalism and mass immigration are just socialism in disguise. When millions of immigrants are shipped into a country, it gives the impression that the country is no longer the countryman’s own. Our home is no longer ours; it’s everyones'.

The increase of multiculturalism really means the abolition of borders, and with the abolition of borders, the abolition of property. For what is property if not the drawing of borders, whether flesh around a body, or a fence around a yard? And what is socialism if not taking those borders down? Indeed, the socialist might think that by tearing down all borders, he makes homes accessible for all, but he doesn't. By giving a home to everyone, the socialist merely destroys everyone's home.

*Of course, we're not claiming immigration is inherently wrong or that immigrants are evil. We are, however, scrutinizing the size of the flood of immigration and the logic behind such a drastic announcement.



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