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We're Being Remade in Trudeau's Image | Canada's New Passports

Oh good. The Federal Government of Canada is increasing our safety yet again. Those who first locked us up on a leash, the ones who chained our lives to their pleasure and will, are manipulating their reign to make it seem like they’re laying down their powers for the obedient majority. Aren't they?

Yesterday, it was announced that beginning July 5, fully vaccinated travellers are exempt from mandatory quarantine following a trip abroad.* This is the first but substantial step towards explicit vaccine passports. But whether it actually guarantees the safety of Canadians with regards to the virus (I doubt that it does) is not the concern of this analysis. What is our present concern, however, are the implications of this passport in our Brave New World.


Rulers are predictable beings. Their motives, reign, and inevitable downfall, repeats across the centuries. As a consequence of his fallen nature, man is naturally hungry for power. He wants more and more of it every day. His appetite to impose his will on others is never satisfied. Even if his hunger is temporarily staved, the moment a new course arrives—an opportunity to conquer or an ability to exercise more control—all previous engorgements are forgotten.

At the heart of power is ownership. A man can do what he wants with what is his. And most often, a man will fashion what is his into his image, displaying his ownership and power over it. A child is made in the image of his parents, and a home is decorated with accessories reflecting the owner's vision. Whether it be the way he washes his car or how he landscapes his yard, what someone does with his property will project his nature onto others.

Of course, governments recognize this too and are now using it to demonstrate ownership over man.

Look at the story of Daniel in the Bible. Here was a young Jewish man whose capital city was raided, and its citizens captured and marched off to Babylon’s illustrious empire. After completing their journey, Daniel, his friends, and the rest of the Jewish nation, now ruled by Nebuchadnezzar, were immediately “Babyloniafied.” They were given new Mesopotamian names, cultured in Babylonian society and religion, introduced and forced to speak a foreign language, and trained in the advanced sciences of the age. Everything about their Jewish heritage—their identity—was stripped away and stolen.

Babylon’s strategy was plain. They didn’t just try to brainwash the Israelites into becoming Babylonian, no. They meant to completely remake the Jew. Nebuchadnezzar intended to kill the old heritage of the Hebrew and replace it with something better, something scientific, something modern.

If the transformation succeeded, the Jews would’ve been remoulded in the image of Nebuchadnezzar. Victory would’ve been granted to the empire’s king as he taunted God with the charge, “See? The Jews are mine now. I own them. They have become Babylonian in every way.”


If I were to look at my current passport, I would see information detailing the fundamental qualities of my (physical) identity. I would see that I’m 23, 6”1, have blue eyes, and blonde hair. All of these descriptions, along with my picture, are unique to me. My dad’s passport is not the same as mine, and my neighbour’s passport is not the same as my dad’s.

What prescriptions I’m on, how strong I am, or my proficiency with mathematics, doesn’t alter the human and Canadian identity of the man, Tanner. As such, regardless of those other variables, I am guaranteed rights as a Canadian citizen in accordance with the Constitutional Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

However, the Federal Government just introduced “ArriveCAN,” an appetizer for the imminent vaccine passport. It’s an app that, if you’re vaccinated, allows you to upload your vaccination proof and bypass the mandatory expenses and quarantine. For now, it’s equivalent to having the word “vaccinated” stamped on your passport. But if you’re not vaccinated, it’s an app that tracks you in your 14-day isolation, updates reference codes, and submits Covid test results to the government.

Those who push it think that it’s necessary and for our safety. I believe they are dangerously mistaken, or, even more dangerously, wilful liars. This idea of “safety” and “security” purports an illusion, a mirage, and, like Lewis said, “disguises the possibility of cruelly and injustice without end.”**

Impressed with a knowledge of history, we now know why the government actually wants to introduce immunization passports. It is not for the safety of Canadians; it’s to aid in the resurrection of Babylon.

At one time, we were full citizens, protected by rights, whether we agreed with the morals of our leaders or not. I could refuse a blood transfusion, abstain from alcohol, deny my senses medicinal drug usage, and still be Canadian because those things don't affect my humanity. Even though I vehemently disagreed with Prime Minister Trudeau’s position and his legislation regarding euthanasia, he could not revoke my identity or citizenship. I know that’s true because my heritage is founded on the fact that I was born in Canada to Canadian parents.

Thus, I was afforded the freedoms endowed to Canadians because I was (and still am) not the government's, but God's. This was a necessary and powerful check against bureaucracy. They could not make someone “less human,” and therefore less worthy of the Constitution’s guaranteed rights and freedoms, because of their political critiques and individual ethics. We were not owned by rulers; their job was simply to enforce objective law like a principal running a school full of children not his own.

Not anymore. Now, people are afforded privileges as a product of being, not human, but vaccinated. Full personhood is becoming synonymous with Covid-immunization, proven by the fact that vaccinated people can attend concerts, fly without quarantine, and go to hockey games—things non-vaccinated people are presently disqualified from. To be Canadian used to mean, in the legal sense, being born to Canadian parents. Now, it's someone who's considerate, obedient, and vaccinated. Is that what it means to be human and worthy of rights and freedoms? Is that what must be marked on our passports?

Our identity is evolving into a Frankenstein of government and safety, being remade into the subjective ideas and fallen image of Liberal leaders. We refuse to capitulate to their design because we know how the story of Daniel, the man who refused to forget his identity, ended. But should the Federal Government succeed, should they add more and more inappropriate requirements for full citizenship, in vain they will curse, “Look here Envied Sovereign, High God whom we hate. The Canadian has branded himself with my image. He is mine.”

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." -Lewis

*See the article announce ArriveCAN here

** See "The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment" here

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