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You Progressive Hypocrites, Why Aren't You Lambasting Biden? | Afghanistan

Feminists, radical leftists, socialists, your progressive ideology has liberated no one. Those you shamefully defended as “mostly peaceful” are the most violent. The President you slandered as a dictator was holding the dictators back. The people whose lives your movement claims to represent are the most abandoned by your present silence. For in Afghanistan, due to Biden’s foreign policy, Christians are being martyred, men and women are massacred, children are subject to unspeakable horrors, and I’ve heard not one ounce of criticism from the left directed towards this government they hailed as the liberation of Trump.

For four years, all we heard was that Trump was a monster, Pompeo was a warmonger, and Michael Flynn was a criminal. Every day we tolerated inflamed reports that America was teetering on destruction, that the world was going to plunge into war, that our culture is unforgivably anti-Palestine, and that western society shepherds white supremacy, racism, and sexism, the black smoke of capitalist industrialism choking the “oppressed.”

But with the sham election of Joe Biden, all that was revealed to be a lie. Now the people of Afghanistan are suffering unthinkable abuse. The Taliban’s vile assaults, vicious attacks, and cruel and inhuman savagery terrorize the people. I do not believe we understand even a fraction of what is happening in that oppressed nation; the truth of how sinister the Taliban and their actions, presently perverted and clumsily hidden by an illegitimate government and apologetic media.

So why do I not hear leftists, socialists, liberators, and feminists lambasting Biden, Harris, and their lamentable policies? I certainly don’t hear them cheer Biden with thunderous applause as he finds the stage when he speaks. I don’t hear them celebrate feminist achievement when Harris speaks. In fact, I don’t hear them say anything. The violation of human rights and dignity in Afghanistan is intolerable, and yet they’re silent in their criticism of the administration that ensured the Afghani’s ruin.

But then again, the radical’s hands might be full. They might be oppressed by the Christian or conservative who refuses to call them by their proper pronouns.


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