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Vaccine Passports Are Coming To Alberta

In a breaking article published by the CBC,* AHS said they are "working to make MyHealth Records easier to access and that soon, Albertans will be able to use it to print a paper card showing immunizations."

AHS also reported they are working to ensure “Albertans can provide the papers they received when vaccinated as proof, and if needed, they require copies from immunization providers.”

Make no mistake; that is only an appetizer of what's coming.

In Mediations, Marcus Aurelius’ adoptive father reminds him to practice “immovable adherence to decisions made after full consideration.”*` It’s obvious Jason Kenney disobeys such principles. He is the anthesis of Aurelius’ advice. For on July 12th, he said:

“We’ve been very clear from the beginning that we will not facilitate or accept vaccine passports. I believe they would in principle contravene the Health Information Act and also possibly the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.”**

I agree. But his present retreat and total silence regarding this breaking news that AHS is updating sites so, “Albertans can provide the papers they received when vaccinated as proof, and if needed, they require copies from immunization providers.” condemns Kenney once again as a man who stands for nothing and falls for everything.

To be fair, nobody really believed our Premier would uphold his word. He never does; he never has. We were told he was a bulldog snarling in the face of Trudeau, and that was a lie. We were promised Alberta would never lockdown again after our first period of confinement, and that was a lie. And we were promised Alberta wouldn’t impose or tolerate vaccine passports, and that too is showing to be a lie.

In fact, Kenney’s deception and efforts to justify these lies have become so out of control, I think he’s losing his ability to decipher what’s real. Kenney’s "leadership" is an unmitigated disaster.

Granted, these measures are not explicitly promoting vaccine passports, but it’s a treacherous step in the wrong direction. And if we think Kenney, who sounds like he’s vacationing far away at the moment, is going to entertain any serious thoughts of defending our rights, I fear we’re gravely mistaken.

*Unless otherwise cited, all quotes and facts regarding this story were cited from the CBC article here

*` See Marcus Aurelius Meditations. Penguin Books, 1995.

**See the Alberta Institute's post here

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